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LUCK is a 'silent' game played in the Flag Chasers Community federation.

You play your away friendlies during the season. At the end you choose 7 games you want to keep. Those will count for you LUCK-score. After everybody has chosen their 7 countries, a random script will generate the scores for each country. The best score wins of course.

Game Rules

A. The Aim

The General aim of (Luck) is to encourage more interaction between all federation members on an equal level, no matter if your team has been in the cup right through to the end and you only get to collect a couple of flags in that season, or if you have collected 12 flags, it’s all down to luck in the end!

B. The Dates

LUCK begins every new season with the first friendly being played after the first league game of this respective season.

LUCK lasts for exactly 14 turns (14 friendly-turns until the end of each regular season). Off season will not be eligible for LUCK since in this time winners from last season will be announced and signing up-period for next season begins.

C. The Scope

The Values of each flag will not be displayed until the end of the season and will be generated at the end of the season by Djens (361541). The list will be published both at the website and at the conference. The list of countries will be created with a website build by Jay57. The Executive Board of LUCK is allowed to play in LUCK since the list will only be published and generated at the end of the season after the last friendly is played.

D. Objectives

All 96 countries will be randomly given a corresponding number to the value (1-96). When new countries are added at the beginning of the next season, the range will be 1-100. To win the game add the value of the flags collected from a code posted at the end of the season. You may pick a max of 7 flags from your seasons international games at the end of the season. So for instance at the end of the season the list of countries values would be displayed, and say Oceania = 4 Now lets say you managed to get to 6 other countries, because we all managed a few more rounds in the cup, and there values = 32, 2, 78, 5, 24, 1. Your score would be: 146 points. You must pick your 7 countries before the list is published. Once the 7 countries are chosen you can't change them. The manager with the highest score is the winner. In the event of a tie, a new random list will be drawn by the offical, and so on until a final elimination. In the event of a tie only the people that are tied for first (second or third) place will be take part in the new list. The highest score is the winner.

E. Friendlies

It is completely up to every managers how many friendlies he wants to play abroad in a foreign country. In fact, every team can play up to 14 international friendlies in 14 different countries abroad to maximize its chances of getting high ranked countries. But even by playing only 1 international friendly abroad teams are allowed to enter the competition.

Teams from lower divisions will have a slight advantage towards teams from upper divisions since the last-mentioned will stay in the national cup for the first weeks of the season and therefore not have as many attempts to organize international friendlies as lower division teams. FC-C does not dictate in any way how many or against whom friendlies shall be played during the competition. Since most participants will be playing abroad it is very likely that participants will not play at home against each other but against various other teams not being a member of this federation. Only friendlies played after signing up will count.

F. Signing up

It will be assumed that all Flag Chasers members will be eligible to post there results at the end of the season. This will insure that all members have as good a chance as any one if they join the Fed half way through the season, they can still participate in a competition. Still, only games played after signing up

G. Winning

The manager who has according to the rules under D & E) collected the highest score will win the competition.

At the beginning of each off season which follows LUCK, a thread called Evaluation for Flag Chasers Competition LUCK will be started in the federations’ board. All managers can post their scores in this thread. The manager who has given details about his flags and has the highest score collected in this season, wins. Only managers who have posted their results in the fore-mentioned thread will be eligible for winning LUCK. (disclaimer: the thread may be replaced by a website)

H. Remuneration

The winner according to G) will win a HT-Supportership for 1/4 year for his own team sponsored by the founder of this federation.

If other sponsors can be found for LUCK it may be possible, that goodies may be donated as well to the second-, third- etc. placed teams in LUCK. The amount of HT-Supporterships can therefore not be defined before the end of the competition. However only the fore-mentioned prize for the winner is guaranteed. The other prizes depend on the amount of sponsors that can be found until the end of LUCK for any given season.

I. Ending remarks

If any of these rules is not clear in its formulation or if an important point has been left out in these rules, the Executive Board will decide ultimately after consultation of the parties involved.