La Pandilla FC

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La Pandilla FC
La Pandilla FC Nuevo Modificado.jpg
managed by Angel_13
Full name La Pandilla Fútbol Club (619871)
Nickname La Aplanadora (The Road Roller)
Founded 18-01-2009
Location Mexico Nuevo León, México
Arena Angel "Curro" Rivera
Capacity 40,000
Fanclub La Uno de TOÑO (Toño's Ones)
President Mexico Luis Angel
Coach Mexico Alan Ramírez (76488351)
League Mexico IV.10(2953)

La Pandilla FC is a mexican hattrick team that is currently in V.112 (Season 38).

Was re-founded in January 18, 2009, by Angel_13, because beforly was knew as Sharay FC.

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