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(AllianceID: 18674)

While the Lambdas Federation may have been the 18,674th federation created, it is 1st in the hearts of its members. Open to all initiates and associate members of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, it was created by zy1125 so that members of the Zeta-Upsilon chapter from Miami University could get their own forum. They also let his brother-in-law join. He was initiated at Denison, but is still a pretty nice guy.

We offer:

  • A fun environment to share knowledge and tactics.
  • Endless amounts of smack-talk.
  • The LambChop Cup
  • A lot of complaining from the winger trainers of the group

LambChop Cup

The unrivalled LambChop Cup was organized during Season 24 because zy1118 was too lazy to arrange his own friendlies. The cup is managed by muadib1158 who does it out of the goodness of his heart. The format has changed each season, but going forward will follow a set format. Three divisions with 5 teams each play round robin matches for 10 weeks, followed by a knockout tournament for the top 8 teams. The winner will be crowned the Cup Champion.

As an additional feature to the Cup, the divisions will remain set in a ladder from season to season. The top teams will move up from lower divisions and the last place teams will drop down.

LambChop Cup I

The first LambChop Cup was won by Ryno's Reds, which must have been a fluke. The owner's mind is too clogged with malted hops and french fry grease for clear management and tactics.

LambChop Cup II

The second LambChop Cup was won by Gander's Geese. There is no chance that the link to that team page will ever be filled in, because he is way too technologically inept to ever create a team page on this thing.

LambChop Cup III

Ryno's Reds won his second Cup in a classic match. Goalie training shows yet another benefit to the Lambdas.

LambChop Cup IV

Currently underway.

Empires In Arms

Most of the members of the Federation are also playing the Game Empires In Arms. It is being organzied by Gander2004. The game is currently being dominated by Turkey, controlled by zy1125. His tactical mastery has no equal.

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