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Lampung region as of 20 April 2006 has 64 users. They are originaly Lampung people who picked this region as their team home base. However, it is still possible that people who don't come from this region have chosen it.

Lampung is located on the Sumatera island exactly south west of Jakarta. Lampung was in the limelight where Muhammad Kalebos from Unsung Heroes Club became the most well known number one Winger in Indonesia, who gave the region their own proud. Some even said that the talented winger is one of the best player in HT world.

The highest ranking Lampung club in the Indonesian league (up to the end of season 13) is FC Arjuna Mencari Bola in Division III.2, following by Sorrow Missery Agony in III.13, AC Dingin Sekali in III.2, Metro Town in III.3 and Kuda Hitam Valiant in III.6. Additionally, there is also the well known user markv_bommel who recently just drop back to 4th division who managed Sadigol Club. Last but not least is Parijs Van Java club, owned by Oesmanch, who still loves to stay in 4th divison rather than going up.

In the level of National team as a successor for M Kalebos, Lampung proudly has Sutan Sembor from Sadigol in the National U-20 Team. While he is still in the young age, he may achieve such great things like Kalebos.

As in real life each of Lampung users didn't know each other, only a few of us have ever meet in real life but somehow we have the same objective to bring Lampung Pride glorious in top league, go to Ligina.

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