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Langer House (31628)
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Location: Andhra Pradesh,
Founded: 2009-11-06
Ground: Wittelsbacher Klasse
Capacity: 60,345
Fan Club: Zabardusts
Highest Ranking: 8th
Coach România Leonard Pavel
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Langer House is a football club from Hyderabad, India playing in I-League. They have won serie IV.36 India title, serie III.6 India title and are the reigning serie II.1 India champions.


Langer House were founded on 6th November 2009, that is, Week 9 of Season 40. They first competed in serie IV.34. In just their first full season they gained direct promotion to serie III.6 after a perfect season 41.

Serie III.6[edit]

Langer House competed in serie III.6 for five seasons from Season 42 to Season 47. In season 42 their first season in serie III.6, they finished fifth which was as expected. Their second season in serie III.6 was a disappointment for Langer House where they finished sixth with just 15 points as the team struggled to set with a young squad. The same squad however started to make their mark from Season 44 where they defeated some of the big clubs of the league to finish third. Langer House had by now become a fine young squad and it became clear that they contained some very talented youngsters, their performances started to make Langer House favorites to win the league and in Season 45 they came very close to winning but finished second to Omnitech. The expectation rose for Season 46 making Langer House favorites to win the league but the club incurred financial difficulties and had to sell some of their finest players. Thus, Langer House finished Season 46 a disappointing fourth place. Some fine additions to the squad and financial troubles out of the way, Langer House were expected to be one of the front runners for the title and this time the league was completely dominated by Langer House outperforming the expectations and finishing the season undefeated to win the serie III.6 title and getting a direct ptomotion slot to serie II.1

Serie II.1[edit]

Langer House started serie II.1 as one of the team who were expected to play mainly to avoid relegation but they outperformed everyone's expectations winning the league with some the best football the club has ever played. Earlier at the start of Season 48 the arrival of Sarracino Ibarra, Hmed Jenayah and Arkadiy Vlasenko is said to have played a very important role in the serie win as they were impressive throughout the season making Langer House champions of serie II.1 with a week still to go. Thus, Langer House gained a direct promotion slot to India's top flight, the I-league after just a season in serie II.


Langer House will start Season 49 in I-League with their first match tobe played against Tullamarine. Langer House are expected to be one of the teams playing to avoid relegation but the club is aiming to outperform the expectations once again.


Langer House is one of the most supported club in India and the most supported club in Andhra Pradesh region and the city of Hyderabad. The club share their nick name with their fans and official fans calling themselves Zabardusts. Zabardusts is one of the largest fan group in India.

Current Squad[edit]

(As of Season 49)

No. Position Player
1 Nederland GK Mathieu Helmantel
3 India DEF Bhootakingam Bajpai
4 Ukraina DEF Arkadiy Vlasenko
7 India MF Tamonash Kapoor
9 India FW Aanaandprakash Nandini
10 India FW Aakaar Kazmi
11 India FW Venkat Variar
14 Italia FW Claudio Piazzo
15 Sverige DEF Joakim Fyhrlund
17 India FW Pandi Bhupathiraju
18 España DEF Luis Miguel Iribi
19 Chile DEF Sarracino Ibarra
21 India MF Chinnamuthu Ariyapadi
No. Position Player
23 India MF Vihar Muralidharan
24 India MF Dharmavarman Kumar
25 Nederland MF Henrik Zwagerman
27 Polska MF Stanisław Świtoń
29 France MF Hmed Jenayah
30 Colombia GK Matías Alvarez
32 India FW Amish Gangawane
33 India DEF D. Lebbai
34 India MF Adimurti Abhay
36 India MF Pravin Dama
37 Deutschland MF Gandolf Besenkamp
38 India GK Kailashkumar Shobhaneshwari
41 India FW Shankar Nataraj

Langer House Yuva[edit]

Langer House Yuva is the youth academy of Langer House which competes in HTUM Youth League series currently playing in HTUM Youth League II. It is said to be one of the reeason behind Langer House's success. It has contributed talented players for the club like Dinesa Satyanaraina, Chinnamuthu Ariyapadi, Vihar Muralidharan, Aakaar Kazmi, Aanandaprakash Nandini, Venkat Variar, etc. It has also created players now playing successful careers outside Langer House like Adimurti Chinnakali and current India U20 goalkeeper Amir Safdar.