Legia Meerzicht

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Legia Meerzicht (148442)
Managed by -niels-
Club information
LocationZuid-Holland Nederland
Fan Club"F-side", "Bunnikside" of wat dan ook.

Dutch team owned by -niels- and currently playing in the Dutch VIII. The club was founded on 30 januari 2005. It was previously named FC NIELES, but the club internationalised his name in season 13. Also Winner of nothing.


The club was founded in Nederland on 30 januari 2005, and got off to a great start in VIII.194, doing nothing.


We have a managers license, and winner of the match FC NIELES - FC-MORENO. Last won match was:

Match: FC Bal-op-het-dak - Legia Meerzicht|Legia Meerzicht - Skjold Allstars. The score was 0-3

Hall of Fame

  • Ivano Roozeboom.
  • Jędrzej Siedlecki.
  • Pepijn Brouwer