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Legio Bigeste (1615359)

Managed By:

Location: Široki Brijeg,  Bosna i Hercegovina
Founded: 09-April-2007
Ground: Bigeste Colloseum
Capacity: 65.000
Fan Club: Praetoriani
Highest Ranking: #1 in Premijer Liga
Coach Bosnia & Herzegovina Latif Hadžan
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Hall of fame players: Zlatko Kočijaš (retired on 16.05.2011.)
Borivoje Đurašković (retired on 18.05.2011.)
Igor Brajko (retired on 05.05.2012.)
Slaven Krpina (retired on 26.08.2012.)
Dragan Veličković (retired on 27.12.2012.)
Historical Standings (as of 12.04.2020)
Season Division Position Cup Hattrick Masters Trophies
56 (43) IV.15 3rd 3rd round
55 (42) IV.15 3rd 2nd round
54 (41) V.14 1st 1st round Division V.PNG
53 (40) IV.27 7th 1st round
52 (39) IV.27 5th 2nd round
51 (38) III.11 8th 2nd round
50 (37) II.4 8th 9th round
49 (36) Premijer Liga 7th 6th round 3rd round
48 (35) Premijer Liga 1st 11th round Division I.PNG
47 (34) II.3 1st 6th round Division II.PNG
46 (33) II.3 3th 8th round
45 (32) II.3 6th 7th round
44 (31) III.12 1st 4th round Division III.PNG
43 (30) IV.14 1st 3rd round Division IV.PNG
42 (29) V.165 1st 4th round Division V.PNG
41 (28) IV.56 7th 3rd round
40 (27) V.196 1st 3rd round Division V.PNG
39 (26) IV.50 6rd 3rd round
38 (25) IV.50 3rd 4th round
37 (24) IV.49 5th 6th round
36 (23) V.199 1st 5th round Division V.PNG
35 (22) V.199 3rd 3rd round
34 (21) V.199 3rd 3rd round
33 (20) V.199 4th 3rd round
32 (19) IV.37 8th 3rd round
31 (18) III.3 8th 3rd round
30 (17) II.3 7th 9th round
29 (16) II.3 2nd 6th round
28 (15) II.3 5th 8th round
27 (14) II.3 4th 4th round
26 (13) II.3 5th 7th round
25 (12) II.3 3rd 3rd round
24 (11) II.3 6th 9th round
23 (10) III.13 1st 5th round Division III.PNG
22 (9) IV.58 1st 8th round Division IV.PNG
21 (8) IV.58 2nd 5th round
20 (7) IV.58 3rd 3rd round
19 (6) IV.58 5th 4th round
18 (5) V.109 1st 2nd round Division V.PNG
17 (4) V.109 2nd 3rd round
16 (3) VI.84 1st 3rd round Division VI.PNG
15 (2) VI.84 2nd 2nd round
14 (1) VI.84 4th 1st round

The Team

Legio Bigeste



Legio Bigeste was founded on April.9th 2007. It started playing in VI.84 league in the 14th season.

Under the guidence of Valderrman Legio Bigeste was founded as a club that is mainly focused on production of quality home talent, that will either be sold, or in better case, involved in some way with Herzegovian NT directly from the club. Since it's begining the club has developed a number of talented players that reached NT levels and championship quality.

If you look at the history of the club it is rather visible that it lives on it's own players reaching peak performances and after that comes quiet period of reseting and growing with the next generation. Our manager explains everything by not following usual trends in club development, but rather focusing on homegrown talent, even before that "tactic" was generally approved as good for clubs.

First cohort

In this period team was founded and started it's journey through the ranks. It won trophy's of leagues VI.84, V.109, IV.58 and III.13. Highest position was achieved in II.3 league where the team competed for 7 seasons. At one instance team was in a position to secure first place in a direct home field clash with team Benzinac and their cheating dark-powered manager GM-benzinac. It is sad to say that the rival used his dark ways to secure an early red card for Legio Bigeste wing-man, and at the end all resulted in a 0-2 disappointing defeat. In that season Legio Bigeste secured it's highest position, #2 in league and overall #14 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After that team was maintaining it's squad for a little bit more that the half of next season, securing a good cup run (9th round for the second time), at which point most of key players were put on sale, including midfield star Edib Kožuhar, wing-man marksman Mike-Frank Malone and attack star, the penetrating Aleksandras Kurčinskas. Coach and another part of famous midfield punishment squad, Igor Brajko, was retired into Hall of Fame, while Musa Vico and Jovan Jablanović, both part of the same famous midfield, were transferred later on after some defense training. During this time team started to drop leagues, but was trained by another former player, goalkeeper Luis Evangelista. In this period it is also valuable to mention original squad founders, Slaven Krpina, Zlatko Kočijaš and Borivoje Đurašković, who are all in clubs Hall of Fame, and also fufill different roles currently in club.

Second cohort

After a short time reseting the team after it's initial 17 seasons of success, club has managed to secure a new generation from it's own school, ready for the highest achievements in it's history. During it's 18th(31) and 19th(32) season club has managed to promote, in order, Edhem Čeman, Nedjeljko Kruljac, Namik Bekan, Feđa Ibraković, Miljan Ljubanović, Fariz Golubović, Adalbert Grčić and Latif Hadžan. The golden generation. While Čeman and Kruljac were designated as reserve beasts, all others became record breakers, with 4 players reaching numerous NT call-ups (Ljubanović has one match, friendly), and Ibraković being the only one from first squad not to be picked up for senior Herzegovian squad. Also, it is of worth to mention that Grčić has 19 U20 games, some of which were under Valderrman term.

Third cohort

Club could have surely pulled a lot more success than that, but according to it's manager, many "hidden" powers await in the depths of Hattrick Bosnia and Herzegovina, from relatives that live in Sweden that prepare and threaten with terrorist attacks in the case of Bosnian team losing, Herzegovian "šverc" random games, to federation wars of married and un-married. In all those conflicts Legio Bigeste always manages to stay on top, balancing the cold waters of relegation and warm ones of promotion.

To quote the fans of Legio - "Valderrman je Bog"


Bigeste Coloseum is the arena of Legio Bigeste. It has a total capacity of 65.000 seats.

  • Terraces: 39.000
  • Basic seating: 15.275
  • Seats under roof: 9.100
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1.625

It is rarely full due to too high expectations of the local supporters. Also, as one of the reasons of low attendance, manager Valderrman mentions weather, that always "sjebe" home games.