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Lestat Team, IX.995, POR Portugal

Lestat Team, is a Hattrick club from Portugal. The club was created on 6 July 2008 by lestat01. Their stadium is called Lestat Team Arena, and currently has a capacity of 12,000, but there are already plans to extend that number.

The team is currently in their second season and has already guaranteed a spot on VIII next season.

The youth team is called Os Lestatinhos and currently plays in the Cup Masters league.

lestat01 is a member of the Federação Sport Lisboa e Benfica federation and has participated on it's internal cup in season 25.

Team Record

Season Series Place Champion Record Points Avg. HS Rating Avg. LS Rating Cup Round Knocked out by
25 IX.995 1st Lestat Team 13-0-1 39 114 5.84 n/a n/a
24 IX.995 4th timeblak 7-0-7 21 83 3.90 n/a n/a
  • D.IX record: 20-0-8 (121-35), two seasons(24-25)
  • Friendly record: 12-0-15 (52-75)

Friendly Competitions


Torneio Artur Jorge (season 25) Eliminated at group stage 2-0-1 (5-9)

Current Squad

# Player Position Acquired # Player Position Acquired
1 Poland Florian Odzimkowski G 12-29-2008   15 Colombia Esteban Reyes M 7-9-2008
2 Portugal Victor Navarete D Original   16 Italy Giuliano Rotini M 7-11-2008
3 Chile Vicente Pemjean WB 7-6-2008   17 Portugal Ademar Coruja W Original
4 Portugal Pedro Grã WB Original   18 Portugal Elói Sottomayor M 7-6-2008
5 Switzerland Eugène Meurisse D 7-6-2008   19 Portugal Liliano Galliano F Original
6 Portugal Onório Rio WB Original   20 Denmark Johan Frederiksen M 12-20-2008
7 Spain Juan Antonio Ríos W 12-14-2008   21 Portugal Pedro Furnas F Original
8 Belgium Christiaan Rahier M 7-6-2008   29 Portugal Apolo Falula W Youth
9 Portugal Liliano Monsaraz F Original   30 Portugal Baltasar Geraldes W Original
10 Poland Klaudiusz Wypych M 7-7-2008   32 Denmark Per Frank Magnussen F 12-21-2008
12 Republic of Ireland Mark Doran G 7-7-2008     Lithuania Lukas Juškeliūnas Fr. C. 1-7-2009
13 Portugal Esmeraldo Filipe W Original     Switzerland Vital Sordelet Coach 7-8-2008

Player & Team Records

Highest HatStats Ratings

Minimum rating: 115

Rating Date Opponent Result Opponent's rating
147 10.01.2009 Pretos makukula 4-2 win 108
120 08.11.2008 Clube da Lagoa 6-0 win 75
117 22.11.2008 Uniao Coimbra 7-1 win 59
115 03.01.2009 Allnight 1-6 win 65

Scoring Leader by season

Season Series Player League Goals Player Cup Goals
25 IX.995 Portugal Liliano Monsaraz 12 n/a n/a
24 IX.995 Portugal Victor Navarete
Portugal Baltasar Geraldes
6 n/a n/a

A star indicates that the player won the Top Scorer prize.

Competition Goals Scored

Minimum 10 goals scored

Player Position Goals
Portugal Liliano Monsaraz F 17
Portugal Baltasar Geraldes W 17
Poland Klaudiusz Wypych M 11
Portugal Victor Navarete D 10

Competition Games Played

Minimum 20 games played

Player Position Games
Portugal Liliano Monsaraz F 25
Portugal Victor Navarete D 25
Poland Klaudiusz Wypych M 24
Republic of Ireland Mark Doran G 24
Portugal Baltasar Geraldes W 22
Chile Vicente Pemjean WB 21
Colombia Esteban Reyes M 20

Competition Hattricks

Minimum 2 hattricks

Player Hattricks
Portugal Baltasar Geraldes 3
Portugal Liliano Monsaraz 2
Portugal Victor Navarete
Portugal Elói Sottomayor

Competition Clean Sheets

Minimum 1 clean sheets

Player Games
Republic of Ireland Mark Doran 10

A player's name in bold indicates that the player is currently on the team.

A player's name in italics indicates that the player has retired.

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