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Logo Designers Hattrick (45483)
Logo Designers Fed Logo.jpg
Chief Officer eekels
Founding date 12 June 2008
Members 1864 (on 03-12-09)
Languages English

Logo Designers Hattrick (AllianceID: 45483) is currently the biggest logo federation on Hattrick. It offers both logos and kits that can be requested at its site [1]. Each apply for job is considered in way of voting. There is created special topic at federation forum and first 7 members judge by saying 'yes' or 'no'.

Logo of the Month[edit]

Every month there is organized competition for best logo fabricated by LDH members in previous month. Winner is chosen from a poll. There is also Amateur Logo of the Month contest for logomakers without job in LDH.


  • replay
  • eekels
  • -Geert-
  • GM-Ady
  • X-rated
  • PHMF-Pomelo
  • charlie-planlos
  • Cyranno
  • DonJohnDoe
  • DjNoise
  • -dogmeat-
  • DoVyTn
  • eXcentric
  • GeoloG
  • Groen
  • guijarro23
  • Janhu
  • Limppu
  • MathzZz
  • Moech
  • Monicasex
  • Picko
  • poorman
  • Quintela
  • -Sar-
  • ShadowWinter
  • spy_bc
  • Warhola
  • t_anderton
  • the_fish
  • xjoex
  • Z3PP3LIN
  • zer0
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