Lublin Eagles

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Lublin Eagles (867342)
Official logo for Lublin Eagles
Region Lubelskie
Country  Polska
Geografic area Central Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 25.10.2005
Stadium The Old Nest (40 000 seats)
Fan club Claws (1 196 members)
League VIII.1756
President Poland Top_Gear

Top Gear.png

Coach Hungary Krisztián Újhelyi


Prize shelf
Series Champions VIII.112(Polska) Season 18Series Champions VIII.8(Polska) Season 28Series Champions IX.1643(Polska) Season 26Series Champions X.3599(Polska) Season 25
Team colours
Youth Team
Youth Team: Lublin Nestlings
Youth arena: DMG ArenA

Lublin Eagles is Polish football club from Lubelskie.

The Team

Foundation History

Lublin Eagles was founded October 25th, 2005. Until April 4th, 2010 the club was called Lokomotiw Lublin


The Old Nest

The Old Nest is the arena of Lublin Eagles. It has a total capacity of 40 000.

  • Total capacity: 40 000
  • Terraces: 25 000
  • Basic seating: 10 000
  • Seats under roof: 4 000
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 000

Club History


Season League Puchar Polski Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
15(27) 6th in VIII.112 none none Marek Ziemann 8
16(28) 4th in VIII.112 1st round none unknown -
17(29) 3rd in VIII.112 1st round none unknown -
18(30) 1st in VIII.112 1st round Division VIII.PNGGoldenboot VIII.gif Jakob Redžic 16
19(31) 6th in VII.292 1st round none unknown -
20(32) 5th in VII.292 1st round Goldenboot VII.gif Franz Ortlechner 16
21(33) 3rd in VII.292 2nd round none unknown -
22(34) 8th in VII.292 1st round none unknown -
23(35) 8th in VIII.1742 1st round none unknown -
24(36) 8th in IX.1337 none none unknown -
25(37) 1st in X.3599 none Division X.PNGGoldenboot X.gif Oscar Enrique Fernández 24
26(38) 1st in IX.1643 none Division IX.PNGGoldenboot IX.gif Oscar Enrique Fernández, Izsó Kirják 19
27(39) 3rd in VIII.8 none none unknown -
28(40) 1st in VIII.8 1st round Division VIII.PNG Frédéric Echard 11
29(41) 4th in VII.166 1st round none Krzysztof Przybyłowicz 6
30(42) 2nd in VII.166 2nd round none Krisztián Újhelyi 9
31(43) 7th in VI.276 1st round none unknown -
32(44) 7th in VII.211 1st round none unknown -
33(45) 5th in VIII.1756 2nd round none unknown -
34(46) ??? in VIII.1756 1st round ??? ??? ???

Youth Team

Youth League

Lublin Nestlings is currently played in BBFF de beste.


  • Youth team scout: Feliks Grzywaczewski, 55 years, Looking for player in Świętokrzyskie Poland
  • Youth team scout: Ferdynand Krocz, 54 years, Looking for player in Lubelskie Poland
  • Youth team scout: Daniel Twarowski, 73 years, Looking for player in Pomorskie Poland


DMG ArenA is the arena of Lublin Nestlings. It has a total capacity of 300.

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