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Malta Hattrick Federation (14144)
Chief Officer John_Deacon
Founding date 24/10/2004
Members 104 (on 13/01/2006)
Languages Maltese and English

Malta Hattrick Federation - is a federation for managers from Malta.

About the MHF


It is only natural to seek ones countrymen wherever one is, even in an online game. Perhaps this is due to the comfort of sharing the same cultural identity and the ability to converse in your mother tongue.

In the beginning this was not easy for Maltese users as they were playing in different countries (mostly England and Italy). So the only way of finding fellow Maltese users was to stumble across a Maltese sounding team/user name which then required the obligatory, "Are you Maltese?" HT-Mail. However in this way a small community of users slowly formed. Naturally the best way to serve a community on Hattrick is to form a federation and so the Hattrick Malta Federation was born.

With the new federation in existence, members soon started dreaming of one day having a Maltese League. Lobbying of HT started and finally some positive noises were heard. However before the league could be set up various things that were required such as regions and player name database. This was not as easy as it may sound and there is still discussion from time to time about adding/deleting different regions and amending the player name database.

Happily in October of 2004 the Maltese league started and users had the tough choice as to whether to leave their old teams behind (some of whom were already several seasons old) or stay in their adopted country. Due to the some complications during this move a new federation had to be formed and so on the 24th of October the Malta Hattrick Federation (MHF) replaced the old Hattrick Malta Federation.

A new country also means having a double election for the posts of NT and U20 coach. Being a new and small country this also meant that the elections attracted a number of 'chancers'. There was a worry that new users to the game would have their heads turned by fancy promises and so the MHF decided to field their own candidates for the posts and to be heavily involved in promoting them. This helped Malta get experienced users into these key positions. The fed did this again in season 2 when the U20 election came up.

However by season 3 the federation members were divided (to put it mildly) as to whether this practice should continue. By poll it was decided to continue doing it. However once the poll ended a heated debate (this is somewhat of an understatement) started up and this overflowed into the national conference, HT-Mail and MSN. The result was a poisonous atmosphere that was severely affecting members and non-members enjoyment of the game. Therefore it was decided to discontinue the practice of having an MHF candidate for each election. Also by now the users in Malta were sufficiently knowledgeable about the game that telling them that someone had no idea what they were doing and would be a disastrous national coach was no longer required.

These days the MHF is back to its peaceful ways and concentrates mainly on creating a real sense of community (through regular HT-Meetings) and helping new users (through a Mentoring Scheme).


The federation is only open to people who play in the Maltese league or are Maltese. The only exceptions are the U20 and NT coaches who can become a member regardless. This helps the federation keep a Maltese feel and allows users to rattle away in a combination of Maltese, English and text speak that would otherwise incomprehensible and require months if not years of tutoring to undestand.

Should you fit the requirements and wish to join just send an application in Maltese.

Mentoring Scheme

The MHF operates an mentoring scheme. The idea behind it is that it allows users to avoid making the same (costly) mistakes that we did when we first started out. Every new users in Malta is sent a message offering them a mentor if they wish to help them out in the first few weeks. The aim is not to create or impart tactical knowledge but to focus on the basics such as setting up a training scheme and posting their youth pull in the appropriate conference each week.

If you are a new Maltese user and would like a mentor then send a HT-Mail to either John_Deacon or barkun. They will be happy to find a mentor for you.

HT Meetings

Want to meet fellow HT-ers? Then keep an eye on the maltese conferences for the latest news.


A cup has not started yet but hopefully this is the season that we finally find a good format and get it up and running.