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Maptrick is a website that shows the full history of all leagues and current waiting lists to join. It is also helpful in predicting the next countries to join the Hattrick family. Maptrick has features such as the Coolness rating, the Hall of Cool and a Challenge Suggester, all of which are tools commonly used by flag chasers.

Recent History[edit]

This section documents a current event. As a result, the information is subject to change in the near future.

At the end of January 2007, author CHPP-ste1n announced his resignation from the game, and the transfer of website administration to HT-Thomas, due to lack of time. On September 18, 2007, the site was effectively cut away from the World Wide Web by the IT staff of the University of Amsterdam (where the website was hosted), by only allowing access to the webserver from University IP addresses. Since the site had not completely been transferred to the care of HT-Thomas yet, another hosting solution had to be found. Fortunately, weird_ed of Alltid Hattrick stepped in instead, and is in the process of installing Maptrick on Alltid servers.

The 14th of October 2008 DerKanzler got the ownership of Maptrick's CHPP license and put Maptrick back online, with the Coolness calculator and, since the 27th of November, the Hall of Cool.

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