Marsascala Hotspurs

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Marsascala Hotspurs is a Maltese team from Zabbar founded by marsascala. It is one of the few teams in Hattrick hosted in the village of Marsascala, Malta, European Union (EU). Marsascala is a lovely seaside resort hosting locals and various guests. The team, Marsascala Hotspurs, joined Hattrick was founded on the 13th of January 2006.

The team's logo

The club is currently active in III.14 and is struggling to remain in this series. At the end of the season 6 the team managed to be promoted to division III with an extraordinary clean record.


Formerly the club was known as Nyuppi prior to the taking over by a new management. The team was always active in series IV.35 and normally held the 5th place. Marsascala took over the team in early January 2006 and renamed it Marsascala Hotspurs. In its first season in series IV.35 (season 5 Malta) it managed to keep a joint 4th place with SAID FC.

In its second season the team won series IV.35 following investment made in the club. The team was promoted to Series III.14 where stiff opponents were met.

In its third season the team finished 6th in series III.14. In its first round it gained a stunning 12 points but failed to win a match in the second round and only grabbed one point in its last match to survive. The team won a subsequent qualifier.

In the fourth season the team is currently struggling to keep away from the bottom places in hope of restructuring by the end of season to become a competitive series III team.


The team boosts circa 25 talented players of both old and young age. The experience of players combined with the training system are making Marsascala a successful club.


The team is looking towards a positive future with the support of an experienced team, competent staff, and with the help of trainer Censu, the team will be investing heavily for the future.