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Match of the season is the name of Hattrick's very own board game. It was added to the Shop on the 16th of June 2008. A My HT announcement was made:

2008-06-16 The board game has arrived
Match of the season, the board game version of Hattrick has arrived to the shop. Simply perfect to play before watching your favorite team play, or during your summer holiday. Challenge your friends and other Hattrick managers face to face, and show your friends who the best manager is. All the illustrations are of course made in Hattrick style.

Info in the Shop[edit]

Finally here!! The board game version of Hattrick. Challenge your friends and other Hattrick managers face to face. Go on a quest to win silverware, build your team, trade players and show your friends who the best manager is. All the illustrations were made especially for Hattrick, completely in the Hattrick style. The cards in the game will contain the English, German, Spanish, Italian and French Language. The manual that comes with the game will only be in English, however a free downloadable version will be available for all other main languages.

Your task is to manage your own club and become the most successful by winning as many trophies (league, cup and international cup) as possible. To do this you need to build a strong team, and outsmart the others managers' strategies.

The game is played by moving a marker around a season calendar. Whenever a match day is reached, matches will be played. The teams consist of player cards that every manager will put into formation before the games. Based on these formations, dice will then decide the outcome. As the season goes by, players can be sold and bought, contracts can be extended, injuries and suspensions may appear, players may go on international duties, and you may have to fight against bankruptcy, or end up swimming in money. But remember, money is far from everything - winning will always be about football.

The game contains a hundred unique player cards of different nationalities, strengths and positions. Furthermore there are international cup cards, and action/strategy cards that can be used to influence matches.

The game can be played by 2 to 4 people, but was mainly designed for 4 players. You decide yourself how many seasons to play, which mean you decide the length of the game. One season takes about 30-45 minutes to play.