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Mauves Army Boys is a hattrick club founded by Dardi.


This happened on January 25, 2008. Team is located in Bommershoven, Limburg, Belgium.

Manager : Dardi Dardi.png

Beker1.jpgMauves Army Boys has won the Belgium Premier League in season 62.

Mauves Army Boys has won the Cup of Belgium in season 40.

Premier League runners up : season 40 & 42.

Masters.pngMauves Army Boys has played the Hattrick Masters in season 41 & 63.

Mauves Army Boys currently play in Belgium IV Division.

Fan Club

Escmauves1th8.gif Team's fan club is called The Mauves Army ( Het paarse legioen ). Currently there are 2300 members.

Dardi's Football Academy

Team kits
Home kit

Dardi is the owner of two clubs. His second club is located in the paradise of Barbados and names Dardi's Football Academy. They play in the Barbados Premier League. Dardi's Football Academy were the first team in Barbados to present a gold star on their shirt to represent their tenth Barbados Premier League title. It's a privilege earned by FIFA Champions Badge, and as such, the relevance of this star on a our shirt is honorable and amazing. The objective is to win national titles or cups and so be able to play the Masters. We have the second largest stadium in Barbados.


Team's fan club is called The Bridgetown Lions. Currently there are 3600 members.

Barbados cup.jpg...Dardi's Football Academy were the Barbados Premier League champions in season 35,37,39,40,42,43,44,45,47,49,50 & 51 !!!Champ1.png

Kleine beker.pngDardi's Football Academy has won the Barbados Cup in season 34,39,41 & 45 !!!

Masters.pngDardi's Football Academy has played the Hattrick Masters in season 35,36,38,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,48,50,51 & 52 !!!