Melita Eagles

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Melita Eagles (709826)
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Managed by John_Deacon
Club information
LocationSliema Malta
ArenaStadju 'Mikiel Anton Vassalli'(capacity 60,000)
Fan ClubThe Eaglets


Melita Eagles started off as a club for eagles rearers in Malta. Eventually all the eagles in Malta were shot and so the club turned to football. The club started off playing in England but when the Maltese league started, Melita started off in the new league. With their experience, they immediately managed to get promotion to sereies II.1. Yet in this series life was too hard for the team which demoted even if having obtained a number of good results.

The season in series III helped Deacon to develop his team better and promotion was easily obtained. On promotion so series II.3, Melita were immediately challengers for the league. However The Scousers were at an utopian level and Melita settled for 2nd place. Melita did not fail on their second attempt and easily bet all competition to confirm automatic promotion to the premier.

Currently Melita Eagles are fighting for survival in Malta's top series.

Memorable Moments

  • 26/02/2004 Founded, Starting in V.76 England
  • 12/10/2004 Moves to the newly formed Maltese league

League History

Country (Season) Division Final Position
Malta (6) KP 8th
Malta (5) II.3 1st
Malta (4) II.3 2th
Malta (3) III.11 1st
Malta (2) II.1 7th
Malta (1) III.6 1st

Cup History

Country (Season) Division Cup Round
Malta (6) KP Semi-Final
Malta (5) II.3 4th
Malta (4) II.3 5th
Malta (3) III.11 4th
Malta (2) II.1 3rd
Malta (1) II.6 1st

Favourite Players

Kenneth Parnis(45058339, the last player left from the original squad. He has played a record 106 times for the club.


  • Most Capped Player excl. Friendlies -- Kenneth Parnis (67)
  • Most Capped Player incl. Friendlies -- Kenneth Parnis (106)
  • Highest Transfer fee paid - Andri Weisberg Lm 1,460,000 (29/11/2005)
  • Highest Transfer fee received - Tim Oskarsson Lm 1,495,500 (18/01/2006)
  • Longest Winning Streak excl. Friendlies -- 10 matches (August 2005)
  • Longest Undefeated Streak excl. Friendlies -- 12 matches (February 2005)
  • Best Midfield Rating in II Season 6 (Excellent High)
  • Largest Fanclub in Malta (16/4/06 - present)

Favourite Teams