Milano idmanyurdu

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Milano idmanyurdu
(1688916), managed by zeppie
Location Milano, Italia
Prize shelf Division X.PNGDivision IX.pngDivision VIII.PNGGoldenboot X.gif
League VII.305
Arena Türkiye Terrae (26001)
Fan Club Duomo Çarşı (about 1500)

Milano idmanyurdu was founded on the 3rd of March 2007 at 15:53. This is a turkish Hattrick football club from Milano, Italia. The club currently playing in VII.305 after 3 consecutive championship.

Although the teams turkish origin, the press announcements are in english for the vast variety of supporter's origin and in italian for other group teams.

The official colors are red and white, even though they use black some tones of pink color in their match kit.

The History

Season League Coppa Italia Trophies
32 2nd in X.1160 not qualified none
33 1st in X.1160 not qualified Division X.PNG
34 1st in IX.1434 not qualified Division IX.png
35 1st in VIII.2038 not qualified Division VIII.PNG
36 6th in VII.305 1 round none
37 ?? in VII.305 1 round current season

Flag chasing

Club has some extra activities like participating in Flag chasing. The team is currently the number 1 in flag hosting coolness in Italy and in the Top 3 of world flag hosting coolness: World Flag Hosting Coolness

the worldmap of the countries

worldmap of hosted countries

the flags of the countries

hosted flag list


Date Achievement Points
05-03-2007 Pulled a youth player 10 Team
05-03-2007 Bought player 10
08-03-2007 Sold player 10
03-05-2007 Player's skill increased 10
10-03-2008 Rebought a youth player 10
13-03-2008 Sold a rebought youth player 10
27-03-2008 Fan club size reached 1005 members 5
23-06-2008 Team was ranked 12846 10
19-07-2008 Squad total TSI reached 80930 15
02-08-2008 Cash is king 15
20-03-2007 Played international friendly match 10 Matches
28-04-2007 Team reached an average match rating of weak 4
10-05-2008 Team reached 40,5 stars in a match 15
13-03-2007 Wrote a conference post 10 Manager
21-04-2007 Wrote a press announcement 10
22-08-2008 Founded federation, received 104 members 20
Total 154

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