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The Milton Friedman Appreciation Society is a small enterprise operated in Strathclyde in Scotland. In addition to advancing the cause of liberty and the need for greater economic freedom, the Society plays Association Football. Sadly, the team is not original and is often believed to have been named after another club in Italy. It has spent its entire existence in V.189 of the Scottish system.

A New Dawn

Just as hattrick spread around the world, so the cause of liberty has spread around hattrick. In Season 29 a dying football club was taken over by MFAS chairman Robbie Erskine and Coach Ally-Bazza. Not to be confused with former Conservatives manager Ally-Bazza.

1976 Nobel Prize Arena

A new ground was constructed, and named after Milton Friedman's greatest achievement. It presently caters for 28,300 supporters including 800 vips and 16,850 spaces on the terrace. The club also operates a small ground for the youth team associated with the club (The Adam Smith Appreciation Society) named after his greatest achievement (The Wealth of Nations).

Seasonal Performance

The Club has had mixed fortunes. Finishing 8th in its first season (29). In season 30 the club mounted a challenge on Falklands FC but lost on the final game of the season. Falklands were not promoted and roundly thrased the MFAS and Keegan United split the two sides in season 31. In season 32 the club went on its longest period of sustained league success. And is all-time leader of the division.