Mjøndalen if

From Hattrick

Mjøndalen IF is a Norwegian club which was found on 02.08.2004 12:32. Halfa, the team's manager, did many mistakes when he started but didn't quit with Hattrick. The team started in the V.240 division, but wasn't good enough to stay there. They were demoted to VI.706 where they won in the first season. The team wasnt teady for V this time either, so they were demoted again to VI.252 where they decided to build up the team. This season they are fighting for the first place.


  • Tomas Fal(GK)
  • Jüri Kriisa (DF)
  • Albert Guimerà (DF)
  • Paul Hatt (DF)
  • Juan Carlos Moreno (DF)
  • Andreas Kristiansen (DF)
  • Ernst Kruis (Wing)
  • Grozdan Karagyozov (Wing)
  • Remi Lamarque (Wing)
  • Théophile Bour (M)
  • Alexis Justo (M)
  • Alex Forsberg (M)
  • Amiad Holtzman (M)
  • Ivo Salgueiro(F)
  • Toivo Yli-Luomala (F)
  • Yacouba Diawatere (F)

Coach: Gustavo Florentín