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Mod-Shlomit is an Israeli female user and the manager of tal-doron (340676). She joined Hattrick on the 26th of January 2005 and received her team on the 29th of January. Shlomit is the 1st female to be appointed as a Mod in Israel - since 24th of April 2007. Her previous nickname was tal99.

Her best achievements with her team are reaching the 3rd division (league III.3) and reaching the 10th round in the Cup.



Shlomit is infamous for her ability to mess up every link she tries to set. Her links are the Illustration of the saying "You know how you enter, you don't know how you'll come out".


As a descendant to a Polish Jews family, she likes to sit in the dark... all alone... while everyone else are partying.

Food and drink

If you want to win her heart, just offer her a hot cup of tea, with lemon and sugar. Never ever offer her onions...