Mosqueo newteam

From Hattrick

Team: mosqueo_newteam (773626)
Country: España (Spain)
Playing in the region: Cantabria
Arena: Pedreñera Arena (12.000)
President: elcapitanmosca
Foundation: 16/09/2005

  • mosqueo_what?

Although no one in the team is afraid of flys, elcapitanmosca (captainfly) decided to take the name of one of the song of one of his favourite spanish pop bands and mix it with that toons what everybody knows.

  • About the team

There is not many things to say about the team. Offensive plays are their favourites and, in the first season, mosqueo_newteam finished at first position. So luck is on its side.

  • History

1st in XI.504 in league 16

After debotification, playing in VIII.1343