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The correct title of this page is mozoaze. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.
mozoase (189017)
Mozoase logo.jpg
managed by wisco
Founded 21-06-2003
Country Belgium België
Region Limburg
Stadium KiTTieWooD
Capacity 60.000 seats
Fan club kell-ee
Coach Latvia Arijus Natkevičius
League IV.4

Updated: 13-04-2009

When, Who & Where ?

mozoase was founded on June 21, 2003 by manager wisco. The club is located in the province of Limburg, Belgium.


The club started with a local wannabe trainer and a bunch of farmers. They thought they knew it all...but they sucked! ;) At that time, back in 2003, division VI in Belgium was the lowest of the lowest. Soon the club was for the farmers the only reason to get drunk. Results didn't matter and the manager got sick of it. He stayed manager but didn't came to the club any more that often.

But in September of the year 2005 he had a wet dream to become a great manager in hattrick. The next day he went to the club, assigned a real trainer and sold all the losers, without knowing that there were 2 farmers with solid leadership! But those 2 made the club "rich" and so a new start was made. But because the club was managed so poorly the last few years, mozoase was playing in division VIII. We had a looooong way to go.

A lot of players came and many of them did go. And that all in 1 season. At the end of that first 'new' season mozoase ended 2nd and got a direct ticket to division VII. In the meanwhile the club developed very well and we managed to get the title in division VII. The very first title was celebrated for days. Many players ended up drunk in the hay with farmer-girls. 9 months later there was a little baby-boom ;)

The next season, we ended up in division VI.485. Did we know that this was our home for 8!!! seasons. Slowly we got better, season after season. But when it matters the most, the team collapsed under the pressure. This was no division for pussies. And we always had 1 team that was stronger or just had more luck. First Woetoe, then The Pride of Belgium and then The Lucky Bastards.

Especially with The Pride of Belgium, who promoted to VI.485 in the same season as we did, many intensive matches where played. They became soon the enemy of everyone in and around KittieWooD. But there was always a form of respect ;) One season later The Lucky Bastards promoted to VI.485. They had for many seasons a stadium that was too small for playing in division VI :p But manager LuckyJ did well because of his top strikers which made us end up frustrated in many matches.

Finally after 8 seasons we managed to finish in the 1st place in VI.485 and became champion for the 2nd time in the club history. We promoted without a qualifier to V.173, thinking it was a one way ticket back to 6th division. But we played a hell of a season and finished 3rd.

The Stadium

The KiTTieWooD stadium is located in the green Valley of the Bosbeek in Opoeteren. The last expansion of the stadium was on june 25, 2008.

Stadium Stats

Total capacity : 60.000

Terraces : 34.325

Basis Seating : 13.375

Seats Under Roof : 10.850

Vip Boxes :1.450


Staff Members



The club is managed by wisco. He has build a low-wage-team with solid/formi multiskilled players. There are plans for a newer younger team that will be stronger then the current one. The goal is to reach the 4th division with that team.

His transfer policy is sometimes very aggressive. The transfer balance isn't that good but that has it's reasons. But make no mistakes, this club is very healthy.



Mattias Säfmo is our head coach. This Swedish ex-player also was first-assistant when Tore Lindhult was coach of mozoase a few years ago! He knows everyone and everything about the team and managed to get champion in VI.485 in his first year as coach.

Youth Coach


Joseph De Smet is coaching our next generation. This "weirdo" who looks no older then the youngsters and has girly hair is however feared. Who isn't good enough will know soon. And those that don't listen will get a B.I.R. from him! Not many youngsters will be great footballers but he managed to get some to a high level. The club is happy with him and his future with the club seems to be save!

Youth Scouts


Fré Van Hove is an old man. But he has a nose for good young players and he works almost for free. The club provided him a bike and a notepad + pencil . With this he goes from town to town to spot local talents. With result! He is also a football analyser on the local radio show, every Sunday on Farmer.FM

He is the headscout of our academy, but it can happen that interim-scouts will be helping him out if needed!

Stealth staff

The other staff members work behind the scenes. But they are as important as all the rest. We are talking about the assistant coaches, spokesmen, doctors,...and off course the female physiotherapists. They are important for the players but also for the manager. Every day these bimbo's give the manager an all-in erotic massage to give him the mental strength to manage mozoase to the top! :)

Team Outfit

At home matches, the team will play in an outfit with their team colours (fluo green/canari yellow). But in away matches players wear an outfit with the head-sponsor colours (blue/white).

Mozoase home.jpg

Mozoase away.jpg


Division VII.PNGChampion in VII.842 season 15

Goldenboot VI.gif Toma and Videnov became both top scorers in VI.485 in season 22

Goldenboot VI.gif Videnov became top scorer in VI.485 in season 23

Division VI.PNGChampion in VI.485 season 23

Goldenboot V.gif Videnov became top scorer in V.173 in season 25

Division V.PNGChampion in V.173 season 25

Division V.PNGChampion in V.137 season 27

Division V.PNGChampion in V.117 season 30


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