MuSCooL Utd.

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MuSCooL Utd. (28785)
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Country  Rossiya
Geografic area Eastern Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 27.02.2002
Dissolved 2003
President Russia arkadit
Prize shelf
Series Champions Premier Liga(Rossiya) Season 5(17)
Series Champions II.2(Rossiya) Season 4(16)Series Champions II.1(Rossiya) Season 8(20)
3rd in II.2 Season 3(15)

MuSCooL Utd. was Russian football club managed by arkadit.

The Team

Foundation and liquidation History

MuSCooL Utd. was founded February 27th, 2002 and dissolved at the end of 2003.

Club History

Season League Russian Cup Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
3(15) 3rd in II.2 none L06-3.gif Pavushenka Bezborodov 7
4(16) 1st in II.2 3rd round Division II.PNG Svyatopolk Seleznyov 16
5(17) 1st in Premier Liga 3rd round Division I.PNG Pavushenka Bezborodov 6
6(18) 5th in Premier Liga 4th round none Svyatopolk Seleznyov 8
7(19) 7th in Premier Liga 5th round none Olavi Kinkki 9
8(20) 1st in II.1 9th round Division II.PNG Kirill Poluboyartsev 13