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The NEW GLOBAL NT/U20 SCOUT-DB is a CHPP approved tool that has the status of a global tracker since June 2009, after Global NT/U20 Tracker stopped working. The tool has been created by TopGodo from Deutschland.

On the 18rd of August 2000, CHPP-Alf announced on Global (English) that NEW GLOBAL NT/U20 SCOUT-DB has been granted the status of a global tracker:

Keywords: (Global tracker), (NT-database)
From: CHPP-Alf (13196679.1) as reply to (?)
To: Everyone 2009-08-18 at 16:39
Former Global Tracker has stopped working a few weeks ago as you may have noticed.

TopGodo (UserID: 505687) has made a NEW GLOBAL NT/U20 SCOUT-DB go public in July 2009.

You can find the program under the list of officially CHPP approved programs (/Community/CHPP/). You can find the associated forum on its CHPP page or directly go to this thread : 13179090.1

URL is

Site is currently operational. People can already submit their players there. NT and U20 coaches can already log in there too.

Each country is still free to use its own independant tracker, but this service is usually used by most countries as not every country has a volunteer developper to maintain a valid CHPP tracking application.

To know which tracker each country uses, I invite you to check the NT and U20 pages of the countries for which you have high potential players, there are links there to their website usually, or you contact the NT/U20 scout of said countries.

I also invite you to check the official CHPP list of approved trackers there : /Community/CHPP/ under "NT/U-20 Trackers" to be sure you are using a valid site.

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