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Flag of Rhenish Republic.

The Rhenish Republic national football team (Deutsch: Fußballnationalmannschaft der Rheinische Republik) is the national football team of Rhineland. Rhineland is not recognized by the HFA as a country and does not participate in any of their international tournaments.

The Rhenish national team is owned by BlindesHuhn under the name NT der Rheinischen Republik (1138458) and plays in the leagues of Germany.


On 21 november 2020, Rhenish Republic founded his own national team known as NT der Rheinischen Republik (1138458) with BlindesHuhn as its manager. The Rhenish players were called up for the first representative match (665637400) which took place on 21 november 2020 (in global season 76) and was won 4–1 against the German clubteam FC Bayern München von Leimi.

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