Nesodden United

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Nesodden United BK (165939)
Managed by Birrr
Club information
LocationAkershus Norge
ArenaGriff ArenA
Fan ClubFragleberget Juniors

Nesodden United BK was founded a late night in december 2004. The boss was Aleksander Christensen.

The club is now playing in VI.1010 in Norway, and are guessed as serious promotion-fighters.

The great arena of Nesodden United BK is called Griff ArenA and have a total capacity of 35,000 seats after the re-building.

Nesodden United is also a member of SCAM Supporter Society, probably the best federation on all of Hattrick.

Nesodden United BK

  • Founded: December 19, 2004
  • Manager (HT-name): Birrr
  • Manager (Real life): Aleksander Christensen
  • Country: Norway
  • Colors: Black, Grey
  • Fanclub: Fragleberget Juniors
  • Song: Fraggle Rock
  • Stadium: Griff ArenA
  • Stadium Capacity: 35,000 (record: 35,000)
  • Record Transfer (in): Christian Kristiansen 29 140 000 Norwegian Kroner
  • Record Transfer (out): Christian Kristiansen 14 000 000 Norwegian Kroner
  • Finances: Good

Key Players

Julius Karnstedt Dutch midfielder. One of two wonderchilds of Nesodden United BK. Bought from savenayteam for the fee of 630 000 Norwegian Kroner. Already after two weeks he was added to the German U20 database, but never made it to the actual squad. He is probably the highest valued player in the Nesodden United BK squad. Squadnumber: 10

Lampros Stavrakopoulos Hellas keeper. A young keeper who will be one of two objects of training the next couple of seasons. Bought from georgeM fc for the fee of 12,000,000 Norwegian Kroner. Already one of the hottest 17 year old keepers in Greece, and is guessed to go allof the way to the Greek U-20 team. Squadnumber: 1


  1. Lampros Stavrakopoulos
  2. Reinold Heinväli (playing coach)
  3. Quinten Brunel
  4. Aulis Saxberg
  5. Morten Amundsen
  6. Mike Fischer
  7. Vitus Engell
  8. Peter Gröönstål
  9. Bryan Furamera
  10. Julius Karnstedt
  11. Hesky Affandi
  12. Gregor Blaas
  13. -
  14. Florenty Krzych
  15. Mats Christiansson
  16. Moritz Saastamoinen
  17. -
  18. -
  19. -
  20. Espen Remøy

25. Esteban Vázquez


  • Griff AS
  • SeaSide UB


  • Season 20: 1st in VI.1010
  • Season 19: 1st in VI.1010
  • Season 18: 1st in VI.1010
  • Season 18: 2nd in SCAM League #4
  • Season 17: 8th in V.124
  • Season 16: 1st in VI.815
  • Season 16: Winner of SCAM League #3
  • Season 15: 3rd in VI.815
  • Season 15: 5th in SCAM League #2
  • Season 14: 2nd in VI.815
  • Season 13: 5th in VI.815

List of Honors

Reinold Heinväli The Estonian defender came to the club in february 2005, and have since then been a regular member of the first squad. He took over as the main coach after Severijn Heyting in late april. Squadnumber: 2

Fabien Hüller French striker. First player manager Christensen bought to United. Price: 180 000 NOK The team's captain, and topscorer. Hüller is now located on the clubs Hall of Fame, as the greatest player ever. He played a total number of 100 matches for the club, scoring around 80 goals. He is also the reason why the shirt number 22, never will be played with again in the club, as a tribute to Hüller. Shirtnumber while playing: 22

Proud Moments

  • Season 19: Gold in VI.1010
  • Season 19: Fabien Hüller enters Hall of Fame
  • Season 18: Gold in VI.1010
  • Season 16: Promotion to V.124
  • Season 16: Gold in VI.815
  • Season 16: Gold in SCAM-League #3