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New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) - A Federation made up of new and active users who are committed to accelerating the advancement of member teams through personalized knowledge sharing and advice.


  • A Friendly Cup Tournament with supporter prizes!
  • 1 on 1 mentoring/advice from Senior members of the NKOTB.
  • Sportscasting of matches of the week.
  • Incredible LOGO designers!
  • Owner of the Year Award!

NKOTB is a Hattrick federation. It was started by Hattrick user KGUN13 on September 8, 2003. It grew to over 100 members in 6 months and 200 members after a year. Since then, the number of members joining and leaving has remained mostly even, with membership generally between 200 and 250 users. Membership is about 50% American. There are many Isreali, British, and Oceanic members as well.


The NKOTB Cup was established in season 21. The format has been the same every season. Teams register starting after national cup round 2 or 3 in the federation conference. Teams are then divided into 8 or 16 pools. The number of teams in each pool (and number of pools) is usually determined by the number of signups. Pool play starts in cup round 5 or 6 and is done in round-robin style. Immediately following pool play, teams are ranked based on record and separated into 16-team brackets (with 16 pools, the number of brackets is the same as the number of teams in each pool; with 8 pools, the number of brackets is half the number of teams in each pool, as two teams from each pool with go into the bracket). Bracket play is single-elimination, and the winners of each bracket are usually awarded prizes. The winner of the highest bracket is deemed the cup champion and has first shot at the prizes. Prizes are donated by other members and range from supporter subscriptions to hats. The cup is usually over by the end of the season.

NKOTB Cup Champions

  • Season 21- Jeff03 (USA)
  • Season 22- Virtuaskin (England)
  • Season 23- Shoeless (USA)
  • Season 24- Derix (USA)
  • Season 25- Virtuaskin (England)
  • Season 26- Nightkids (Malaysia)
  • Season 27- Mercutioh (USA)
  • Season 28- Meloon(USA)
  • Season 29- MooseDeuce(USA)

NKOTB Owner of the Year

The Owner of the Year award started as an idea to reward members for their contributions to the federation and has since grown to include teams who do exceptionally well or users who achieve high status among the general Hattrick community. Once you earn the award, you cannot be given the award again. Nominations are generally made in week 14 in a thread, and the top 5-7 users are placed in a poll. In season 26, both Mercutioh and Akickku recieved an equal number of votes in the poll and were both given the award.

NKOTB Owner of the Year awards

  • Season 22- Uhcoog2k (USA)
  • Season 23- KGUN13 (USA)
  • Season 24- ArdentEnthusiast (USA)
  • Season 25- Tornado (USA)
  • Season 26- Mercutioh (USA) and Akickku (USA)