New Molinello FC

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New Molinello FC
Country: Italy Italy
City: Cesano Maderno
League: VIII
Founded: 10-04-2009
Manager: macper86
Coach: Switzerland Rodolphe Fagert
Stadium: Stadio Comunale di via Po (28.842 posti)
Team Details
Club colours: Red and White
Mascot: il Peer
Funclub: i Panzoni Bontemponi
Division IX.PNG Division X.PNG Division XI.PNG
Championship: 3
Promotions: 3
Italy Cup: 0
Hattrick Masters: 0

New Molinello FC was founded on 10 April 2009 by his manager macper86, who took in charge the previous corrupted (and banned) team to a new rebirth.
NMFC has been in Hattrick since 39th season, a total of seven seasons, including current one; since its first season in XI division, the team won three championships and reached three promotions and actually plays in VIII division, with the aim of conquering the world.


The New Beginning

NMFC was founded on 10 april 2009. Its story is a troubled one, in fact the previous management was incriminated for using mafia's earnings and for managing two teams at the same time. This incrimination lead to the banning of the team from all-over-the-world-hattrick-matches for some time. By the way, the previous president of Molinello FC had a son, who, after the legal period of banning, founded this absolutely legal team. Using his contacts, the new president has been able to get the VIII division without any retrocession.

The New Story

Thanks to his contacts, macper86 found Ht-Ita, a site dedicated to Hattrick, and he soon started to learn lot of things and became better and better at this game, and he was able to gain promotion with no lost matches even if the 39th season had already started (77-5).
Season 40 was even better: more goals scored, and less taken (88-4).
Season 41 was a complete defeat. NMFC wasn't able to compete, the moral was so deep that the president was going to sell the team and go ti live at Bahamas. But reaching the fourth place and only making 24 pts in the whole season gave the team the strentgh to ask the president to stay. And so the story went on (45-26).
Season 42 was the revenge of NMFC. The team was ready to compete at high levels, and lead by his top scorer Gilbert Harris, it won again every match (81-9).

The New Adventure

One of the most "problems" of NMFC, as many may think, is the fact that the president is not insensible towards some players. It's the case of Vittorio Doppietti, surely the most important player in NMFC's history. To him is dedicated the tenth number and for this reason this number has been retired from the ones getable.

The New Bet

NMFC is now playing the VIII division with excellents results; even if everything might happen, the president, the funclub and the players will do everything they can do to get the promotion.


New Molinello FC Chronicle
  • season 39: 1° in XI.1101
  • season 40: 1° in X.472
  • season 41: 4° in IX.1868
  • season 42: 1° in IX.1868
  • season 43: 4° in VIII.793
  • season 44: 4° in VIII.793
  • season 45: ?° in VIII.793

Badge and Colours

Home Jersey
Away Jersey

Home jersey is very cool and has been appreciated by the players and the funclub. Away jersey instead sucks a lot and everyone hopes it will be changed soon.


Stadio Comunale di via Po

Stadio Comunale di via Po has been the stadium of NMFC since the beginning of its history; it has been restructured many times and actually it can host about 30.000 people.
As everyone can see, the photo is ugly and the photographer was punished for this.


  • Terrace places: 17.127
  • Regular seats: 6.861
  • Seats under roof: 4.181
  • Seats in VIP lounge: 673

Top Players

1 Italy FW Vittorio Doppietti (best player ever)
2 England FW Gilbert Harris (best scorer season 41)


Team Records

  • Points: 42 (season 39,40,42)
  • Total Consecutive Wins: 32 (season 39-40-beginning41)
  • Goals Scored: 81 (season 42)
  • Goals Against: 4 (season 39)
  • Goal Differential: +72 (season 42)

Player Records


  • forever - Italy Vittorio Doppietti

Season Goals:

  • 16 - England Gilbert Harris (season 42)

Total Goals:

  • 33 - England Gilbert Harris


  • 5 - Italy Vittorio Doppietti

The New Manager

Macper86 was born in the fabolous 80's and is actually a worker/student. He discovered hattrick thanks to a friend, but in the beginning he had many problems with the team managing and economy. He improved his knowledge by reading Ht-Ita and Alltid. He is known as the one whos team wins with the help of a very, very, very big ass.