New system for national team players

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New system for national team players

Date of appearance: 17-12-2002, season 17

The system for compensation to the clubs who lend players to the national teams is being completely redesigned. The main reason for the change is, quite frankly, that we think the system is not working well, and has been so filled with exceptions that it has become almost incomprehensible - both for the avarage user - and for the game engine. The result is confusion - and bugs. We believe it is time to replace it with a new and straightforward system that will prove stable and easy to comprehend.

Basically, the old system for compensation and penalty effects on national team's players is being scrapped and replaced with the following new system:

  1. Matches for the national team will not give the players training. The position they play in the nat. team is simply ignored as far as training effects are concerned. They will have to play for their clubs as well, to get training.
  2. Immediately after a match for the national team, the owning club will get a salary reduction of 33% of the player's base salary (the 20% "playing abroad" salary increase not included).
  3. If a player gets injured and have to leave the field in a match for his national team, instead of the regular 33% salary reduction, the club will get a compensation amounting to 100% of his base salary times the estimated number of weeks the injury is expected to last.
  4. Players will get experience from playing for their national team, in the same way as today.


John Doe is part of the US national team. He belongs to a club in Singapore. His base salary is 15000 US$, so his Singapore club pays a salary equivalent of 15000 * 1.2 = 18000 US$ per week.

Friday 6th, he playes for his national team. Just after the match, his club get a salary reduction of 0.33 * 15000 = 5000 US$. He will still need to play for his club to get training. He gets experience. There are no further effects (no fanclub bonus, no sponsor income penalty for not playing for the club, no such things).

Friday 13th, he playes for his national team but gets injured - and it turns out to be a +3 weeks injury. Just after the match, his club get an insurance payback of 1.0 * 3 * 15000 = 45000 US$ (added to temporary income). The club gets no salary reduction.

We'd also like to add that in future versions of Hattrick, player experience will become somewhat more important than it is today for their performance in matches. So the value of getting experience for your players by playing for the national team (and U-20 team) should not be underestimated.