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Hattrick Newsletter

The Hattrick Team official newsletter (or newsmail), called "Hattrick News", was introduced in 2007 and sent by email. It should have contained editorial material, statistics, interviews, interesting articles and much more.

Contrary to initial expectations, the newsletter was never released on a monthly base and only four issues in nine months were published, because the project was constantly targeted by technical problems and limited by spam filters; furthermore, users had to submission the newsletter, i.e. opt for this in the game settings.

Although the fourth newsletter remains the last in the series, the original idea has been transformed into what it is today Hattrick Press.


The first step was taken, following the 10th anniversary celebrations of the game, with a message in My Hattrick:

Hattrick announces
Hattrick Newsletter 15/10/2007
In a few weeks time, we will send you our first monthly Hattrick Newsletter to your e-mail address. The newsletter is translated into many Hattrick languages and contains articles about things like community events, interesting trends in the HT world, as well as personal reflections of the developers. If you want the newsletter, please make sure that your e-mail address is updated under Preferences. (This is a good idea anyway, since it is the only way we can send you your password if you forget it.) If you don't want to receive our newsletter, you can turn it off under Preferences > Other Preferences.

The main editor was HT-Klas, but others could contribute too.

The sending out started around two months later:

Hattrick announces
Hattrick News 19/12/2007
Today, we start sending out the premiere issue of Hattrick News, our monthly newsletter. This will be a place for us to cover some of the things we never get the chance to talk about on My Hattrick or in editorials - like interesting things that are going on in the community or our comments on the development of the game. We hope this informal newsletter will be appreciated by everyone! Of course, it will be optional to receive it - if you don't want it in the future, you can change your Settings here.

The name had also been changed been meanwhile - from Hattrick Newsletter to Hattrick News.

Roughly one month later the second edition was announced, although it's sending has been delayed a lot due to troubles with the e-mail server and with Hattrick being put in spam filters' blacklists by many e-mail providers:

Hattrick announces
Hattrick News 25/01/2008
Next week the second edition of our newsmail, Hattrick News, will be sent out. If you don’t want to receive it (or perhaps have changed your mind and do want to receive it) you should change your setting here before the end of this week. Hattrick News will feature material such as an interview with HT-Sarah, an in-depth article about game economy, statistics, a look at the world of the LAs and more.

Due to the problems, an additional message was released in My Hattrick:

Hattrick announces
Hattrick News 12/02/2008
We would just like to inform you that the 2nd edition of our newsletter Hattrick News is still being sent out. A technical problem caused the send out process to be spread over a longer time than planned. It may be another few days until all the mails has been sent. Thanks for your patience.

No further My Hattrick messages were issued since then. Also the monthly scheme wasn't respected anymore. Newsletter number three was sent out at the end of March 2008 two months after the second one was announced, and scheduled, and the fourth was sent at the beginning of June 2008.