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== Oklahoma City Spirit ==

Full name: Oklahoma City Spirit Football Club
Nickname: the Spirit, the Ghosts, Pride of Oklahoma City
Founded: 2002
Ground: Myriad Park (Capacity: 50,000)
Chairman: Messenger
Manager: Oskar Chamczyk
Division: V (five)
Series: 233

Oklahoma City Spirit Football Club is an American Hattrick soccer club based in the city of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is one of the older, least successful clubs in Hattrick. Spirit plays it's home matches at Myriad Park in downtown Oklahoma City. The highest division it has ever attained is Division IV. The greatest accolade the club has achieved to date is making it to Round 6 in the U.S. Open Cup in Season 31. To do so, it defeated the Shaolin Landfills, a Division II side at the time, on penalty kicks by a score of 5 to 4 in Round 5 of the U.S. Open Cup. The Spirit then lost to Major League side (and current champion at the time), Dynamo Moscow, by a score of 6 to 0.

Early History

Oklahoma City Spirit Football Club was established in 2002 during Season 15 in Hattrick. The club was originally known as the Speedwagon Football Club of Oklahoma City, or "the Wagon", for short. They played their first home matches in Edmond, Oklahoma at Lucho Zalles Stadium. Due to increasing home attendance and club growth, the club moved to the larger Myriad Park (capacity of 50,000) in downtown Oklahoma City in December of 2002. They have remained at Myriad Park ever since, where it seems to rain more often than not. Early on, the club established a youth system and provided maximum funding to this system in order to develop players to strengthen the squad as well as to sell on the transfer market to attain much needed funding for stadium expansion, player wages, staff wages, etc. Alas, despite many other club's success early on in Hattrick at being provided with at least one good youth pull, the Speedwagon received no such luck.

The club won it's first series championship (Series V.30) in Season 17 and was promoted to Series IV.9. It then won Series IV.9 during Season 19, only to lose it's promotional playoff by a score of 3 to 1 to the Blue Lightning out of North Carolina. Following this letdown, the Speedwagon was forced to sell off many of it's star players due to financial difficulties and over the next five seasons the club drifted lower and lower in Series IV.9, slowly becoming less competitive, until they were eventually relegated to Series V.104 in Season 24.

New Beginning

The club officially changed it's name to the Oklahoma City Spirit Football Club at the beginning of Season 25. According to the club, the change was conducted to make it more American and thus more appealing to surrounding neighborhoods. The club also wanted to make a fresh, new start following their first actual relegation, in order to rebuild. Finally, many fans became dismayed when they learned that the team had nothing to do with the actual late '70's rockband of the same moniker. The Spirit won Series V.104 consecutively during Season 25 and Season 26, and eventually gained promotion back to Divion IV. However, following a display of dismal performances in Series IV.20, the club was relegated again back to Division V. From there the club yo-yoed between Division V and Division VI for a few seasons until at last gaining promotion to Series V.233 in Season 32, where it has remained for the past 4 seasons.

Present Day

Spirit is currently under the management of player/coach Oskar Chamczyk. Chamczyk is a Polish midfield journeyman who came to the Spirit as a free agent from the Mexican league during the beginning of 2007. The introduction into Hattrick of the new Youth Academy System has gone a long way towards breathing new life into the club, as the Spirit youth squad has done incredibly well playing in the 12 team Champions Academy League. The fans for Spirit have become a little less fickle, venturing out more and more and in greater numbers to home and away games. The fan club for Spirit is known as the Blue Army, and they are notorious for being just that, "blue", or depressed, that is.

Following the demise of Cubs in Season 36, the Spirit is the oldest active Hattrick team from the Oklahoma region in the USA. The Spirit hopes for promotion as soon as possible.