Olbięcin TIGERS

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Olbięcin TIGERS (1301543)
Managed by moonwalker_
Club information
Location Małopolskie Polska
FoundedOctober 28 2006
StadiumTIGERS Arena 
Last update of this page was made 5.04.2013

Team Info

Roots of team goes down to 17th season of Hattrick era. Team was created by group of volounters and named GKS Wielkopolskie. Team achieved first avards very quickly and at the end of 17th season team get second place in IX.804 and was promoted to league VIII.256.

After this succes polak000 decided to buyout team and changed it name to Fc Wisła Kraków TC. Easiness of spending money, non profitable contracts and transfers, and lack of future vision brought team very quickly to the edge of bankrupcy. Through 10 rounds of 18 season team was unable to score even single point and was on last place in league table. Most of good players was transfered out to pay off loansharks and save team from total disaster. Finally at the end of 18th season manager decided to sell it.

When at 28.10.2006 moonwalker_ took control over team it was in horrible condition. Team was at last place in league table and relegation to lower IX league was unavoidable. From decimated squad only few players had enough talent and condition to face and stop oponents in unequal matches.

New manager renamed team once more to Olbięcin TIGERS. First step was to kickout old trainer and draft new one, then manager decided to invest in few new promising players and hire some old but experienced players, what very quickly brought team back to full strenght.

To intrest some additional supporters, and sponsors at begining of 19th season TIGERS with some other teams took participation in APRISO CUP. After one full season team was promoted back to VIII league also what was unexpected team took first place in 2nd Apriso CUP league and was promoted to 1st Apriso CUP league.

At begining of 20th season manager decided to set up youth academy to look out and promote perspective players from region of Kraków. Finally youth academy Olbięcin KITTENS was founded 01.04.2007.

Prize Shelf

Match Kit
  • Division VII.PNG Series Championship VII.394 season 21
  • Goldenboot VIII.gif Jafri Kiptanui Series Top Scorer VIII.1868 season 21
  • Division VIII.PNG Series Championship VIII.136 season 20
  • Goldenboot VIII.gif Mahmoud Aziz El-Akram Series Top Scorer VIII.136 season 20
  • Division IX.png Series Championship IX.771 season 19
  • Goldenboot.gif Turi Hodler Series Top Scorer IX.771 season 19
  • Goldenboot.gif Faruk Ari Series Top Scorer IX.771 season 19

Club History

manager: moonwalker_, name: Olbięcin TIGERS

Season Series Pos Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD CUP
22 VI.693 3 28 14 9 1 4 49 21 +28 Round 1
21 VII.394 1 36 14 12 0 2 69 19 +50 Round 1
20 VIII.136 1 37 14 12 1 1 64 21 +43 -
19 IX.771 1 37 14 12 1 1 68 11 +57 -
18 VIII.256 8 3 4 1 0 3 5 13 -8 -
- overall - 141 60 46 3 11 259 89 170 -

manager: Polak000, name FC Wisła Kraków TC

Season Series Pos Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD CUP
18 VIII.394 8 0 10 0 0 10 4 49 -45 -

manager: none, name GKS Wielkopolskie

Season Series Pos Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD CUP
17 XI.804 2 25 14 8 1 5 25 13 +12 -


From Date To Date Name Trainer Type Trainer Skill
- 29.10.2006 Michał Jędryczko deffensive weak
29.10.2006 28.01.2007 Deniz Durak neutral passable
28.01.2007 31.10.2007 Hellenio Torrez agressive solid
31.10.2007 - Gerard Łabędzki agressive solid


Total capacity 26000
Terraces: 16775
Basic seating: 6275
Seats under roof: 2300
Seats in VIP boxes: 650



  • League: 24833
  • Friendly: 1958



At current moment Olbięcin TIGERS main team consist of 17 players and some reserves.

Victor Bergot.GIF Victor Bergot Star.gifStar.gifStar.gifStar.gif
Ma Kang.GIF Ma Kang Star.gifStar.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif
Pawel Zuber.GIF Paweł Żuber Technical Star.gifStar.gif

Jafri Kiptanui.GIF Jafri Kiptanui Unpredictable Star.gifStar.gifStar.gifStar.gif 21.10.2007 Series Top Scorer VIII.1868
Giovanni Barile.GIF Giovanni Barile Star.gifStar.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif
Turi Hodler.GIF Turi Hodler Head Star.gifStar.gif 11.03.2007 Series Top Scorer IX.771
Walerian Fecko.GIF Walerian Fecko Unpredictable Star.gifStar.gifStar.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif
Fleming Hojsgaard.GIF Flemming Højsgaard Unpredictable Star.gifStar.gifStar.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif
Jesus Warner.GIF Jesús Warner Head Star.gifStar.gifStar.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif
Brendon Pickering.GIF Brendon Pickering Quick Star.gifStar.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif
Diego Lorente.GIF Diego Lorente Star.gifStar.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif
Klaas Auke Barloo.GIF Klaas Auke Barloo Star.gifStar.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif

Grzegorz Karczmarzyk.GIF Grzegorz Karczmarzyk Powerfull Star.gifStar.gifStar.gif
Gerard Labedzki.GIF Gerard Labedzki
Technical Star.gifStar.gifStar.gif
Faruk Ari.GIF Faruk Ari Head Star.gifStar.gifStar.gif 11.03.2007 Series Top Scorer IX.771
Tiago Couceiro.GIF Tiago Couceiro Head Star.gifStar.gifStar.gif
Oleg Zakotyuk.GIF Oleg Zakotyuk Star.gifStar.gifStar.gif

Youth Academy

Youth Academy Olbięcin KITTENS was founded 01.04.2007. It's purpose is to look out and promote perspective players from region of Kraków. At now our scouts are searching new talents also in regions of Śląskie and Wrocław.


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