Old City Gentlemen'z

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Hattrick Anniversary League Sao Tome & Principe Old City Gentlemen'z (2091690)
managed by Old_boy
Full Name Old City Gentlemen'z
Nickname Gentlemen'z
Founded 21-03-2022
1 years and 79 days (Hattrick Age)
Location Mé-Zóchi, São Tomé e Príncipe
Arena Old City Milfs Arena
Coach Sao Tome & Principe Alcino Martinho
League VII.244
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Old City Milfs Arena Icon-qualification-game.png
Old City Milfs Arena
Last Rebuild 08-04-2022
Terraces 8 000
Basic 3 000
Roof 1 000
VIP 250
Capacity 12 250

Match kit


Old City Gentlemen'z is a hattrick club founded by Old_boy on March 21, 2022. The team is located in old city center of Mé-Zóchi, region Mé-Zóchi, São Tomé e Príncipe.

Fan Club

Team's fan club is called Fans of Old City Gentlemen'z. Currently there are 699 members.


The team currently plays at the Old City Milfs Arena stadium. It's current capacity is 12 250.

Youth Team

Youth team name was Youg Milfs.

Staff / Coach

Seasons Name Coach skill Fun facts
01- Sao Tome & Principe Alcino Martinho (467448401) passable -

NT and U-20 Players


Team Rankings


  • 236 396 in the World
  • 28 739 in Hattrick Anniversary league
  • 42 in Mé-Zóchi

update on 21.06.2022.


Position Ladder Record Fun facts
21st New wave Wiki fanatics 1/5

last update on 21.06.2022

League and Cup History

Season League Hattrick Anniversary Cup Hattrick Anniversary Emerald Challenger Cup Hattrick Anniversary Ruby Challenger Cup Hattrick Anniversary Sapphire Challenger Cup Hattrick Anniversary Consolation Cup Heroes of 2022 Trophy Division Battle Private Cup
season 0 - - - - - - - - 16769th in Supporter Week Trophy
season 1 7th in VII.244 3rd round - - 1st round - 25170 - 16th in Slavljenički Turnir 19331th in Supporter Week Trophy




Private Cups and Tournaments