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Pablo Hernan Caballero (116473852)
Pablo Hernan Caballero (116473852).png
Personal Information
Full name Pablo Hernan Caballero
Nickname Caballero
Age65 years and 21 days
Country  Colombia
Current team Retired
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
17 (29) - 18 (30)Colombia Independiente No Way José0(0)
19 (31)Peru Calatasaray6(1)
20 (31) - 22 (33)Netherlands Die Zahnärzte6(0)
33 (33) - 35 (35)Finland futismasterit11(2)
22 (35) - 24 (37)Belgium De miereneukers26(6)
25 (37) - 37 (49)Spain Arepa Pepa139(33)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Pablo Hernan Caballero is a retired Hattrick Colombian player, who played as a winger.


Division V.PNG Division VI.PNG Division VIII.PNG



  • 1  Finland V.173: Season 33 (33)

De miereneukers

Arepa Pepa

Players of Arepa Pepa
Coaches Mats Andersson · Juan Camilo Campos
Original Squad Alejandro Cabanilla · Àlex Gómez
Transfers Pablo Hernan Caballero · Carlos Manuel Céspedes · Diego Javier Jacanamijoy · Adrián Neiza · Jerónimo Palacios · Horacio Santos · Edwin Tierradentro
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