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A page about the partners of Hattrick in the help section.



In Popmundo, you play the part of a rising star in the music industry. Find your style, form a band, and travel the world in this thriving role-playing community of more than 300,000 active players!

This game is the sister game of Hattrick, and is developed by the same folks back at Extralives AB in Sweden that originally developed Hattrick. Much like Hattrick, the world of Popmundo never closes - there is always a gig going on somewhere, always a new track to record, always a hot flirt to be found at the backstage party. All characters you run into and interact with are of course managed by other human players.

Popmundo is a deep game, but still a casual one. It is perfectly possible to log in only a few times a week and still make it big on the charts. One of the coolest things with this game is that it is very open-ended: When you get bored with the high-flying lifestyle, there are many other things to do - becoming a private investigator, building a property empire or simply settling down and raising a family.


Unibet is a leading betting company with more than 4.1 million registered customers in 150 countries, and is one the official partners of Hattrick. Started in 1997, Unibet offers a wide range of money games - from sports betting, casino, poker, bingo and skill games. Unibet has been awarded the prestigious "European Sports Betting Operator of the year" in 2006, 2008 and recently in 2009.