From Hattrick

The beginning was set on 21-st January 2003. First, the managing over the club was like a joke but with passed on time the Chief Executive Manager - Mario Statkov, decided to take a decision to rule his team seriously and get over against every team that is pasted through way of the team. Now, Pobeditel is in II.3 in Bulgaria and the owner were fix the target one day to win this group and go into Bulgarian highest division - Vissha Liga.

The Protector of the team is St. George. The owner believes that with his protecting over the team, Pobeditel will be reaping many many victories.

The CEO of the club has very friends that are hattrick managers too, like Tzvetomir, BLadeHunteR, zeroking, Jool_Sweety, _the_punisher_, max1m40, GM-Vladimircho, NickMan, kosio, Scarab.

History of the club: As was said above, the club is launched on 21-st January 2003. First six seasons the team was in III.12 and than promoted in II.4. After one season in II.4 the team couldn't hold back and was fell again in third division but this time the group was III.6. Pobeditel remained one season there and after that again was promoted to second division in II.3. As the first stay in second division the Mario Statkov's team remained again only one season and then again fell in trird division - III.11. Before third promotion of the club into the second division, Pobeditel stayed two seasons in III.11. Now the club is in II.3 and has good oportunity to be promoted in Bulgarian Highest division in a few seasons.

The Official WebSite of the club is: www.ht-arena.com/pobeditel