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Pork City FC

Pork City FC is a team currently playing in division III.10 in England. Their manager, fredfroni, has been playing since April 2007.


League and Cup record

Pork spent seven seasons in division VI.513 before winning automatic promotion to V.217. After just two seasons there, they auto-promoted into division IV.52, where they spent three seasons in upper mid-table before winning the league to seal auto-promotion to III.10. The furthest they have advanced in the English Cup to date is Round 8. One curious statistic about the club is that, despite now being in its 14th season of existence, it has never taken part in a qualifier match.

Season Division Position Cup
32 VI.513 6th N/A
33 VI.513 4th Round 3
34 VI.513 2nd Round 2
35 VI.513 2nd Round 2
36 VI.513 2nd Round 2
37 VI.513 2nd Round 3
38 VI.513 1st Round 2
39 V.217 4th Round 2
40 V.217 1st Round 4
41 IV.52 3rd Round 8
42 IV.52 4th Round 6
43 IV.52 4th Round 7
44 IV.52 1st Round 8
45 III.10


Ben Wyco

One of the most notable players to have featured for Pork City is Ben Wyco. Pulled from the club's youth system into the first team squad just days after he turned 17, Ben went on to be called up for the England U-20 side, for whom he made 6 appearances in the U-20 World Cup XII. After continuing to be trained at Pork City, several seasons later he received a call-up for the full England national team, for whom he has made 16 appearance to date. He remains an integral part of both the Pork City and England NT squads.


Another Pork player with a history in the England national set-up was Alexander Norman. Bought for a club record £3.6m, Norman had 5 caps for the full National Team and 2 caps for the U-20 team, but was subsequently sold on for £3.9m. Pork's current squad also boasts midfielder Alireza Ghomsheii, who has turned out 19 times for the Iranian U20 side.

Current Squad (As of 2/5/2011)

Number Name Position Age Nationality
1 Baoithein Wans Goalkeeper 23 English
2 Voulis Kamouridis Defender 24 Greek
3 Grover Straithin Winger 22 English
4 Robert Abraham Midfielder 25 English
5 Ben Wyco Defender 28 English
6 Blair Elliot Defender 23 English
7 Brian Martin Winger 25 English
8 Alireza Ghomsheii Midfielder 24 Iranian
9 Gregory MacSimon Forward 34 English
10 John Lomas Forward 30 English
11 Fran Honorato Midfielder 24 Spanish
12 Jamie Madelin Midfielder 31 English
13 Vincenzo Oltramonti Goalkeeper 33 Italian
14 Chris Barnby Midfielder 35 English
15 Carlos Hernan Madina Forward 34 Chilean
16 Cristobal Duval Midfielder 34 Chilean
17 Fred Fronius Winger 24 German
18 Cab Shawcross Defender 19 English
19 Amit Singh Forward 22 English
20 Samuel Lavedre Winger 22 English
21 Scott Gabriel Forward 22 English
22 Dexter Duff Midfielder 21 English
23 Brian Harkness Defender 20 English
24 Bruno Carver Midfielder 21 English
25 Tom Lloyd-Reason Defender 20 English
26 Joseph Mancier Winger 24 English
27 Peter Votruba Winger 20 English
28 Marlon Dacombe Utility 20 English
29 Bradley Rayner Goalkeeper 20 English
30 Neil Curtis Defender 21 English
31 Paul Orr Utility 19 English
32 Mikael Akesson Defender 22 Swedish