Porto San Giorgio S.C.A.

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Porto San Giorgio S.C.A. (1042333)
Managed by ScarfaceFDS
Club information
Location Marche Italia
StadiumArena Europa Sangiorgese (60 001 seats)
Fan Clubi Gabbianelli
Team colours
Club1042333-home.PNG Club1042333-away.PNG
Prize shelf
Series Champions III.12 (Italy) Season 46Series Champions IV.55 (Italy) Season 44Series Champions V.125 (Italy) Season 40Series Champions VI.3(Italy) Season 37Series Champions VIII.1942 (Italy) Season 29
Youth Team
Team nameGabbianelli Sangiorgesi
ArenaGiardino D Estate PSG
Last update: 20-10-2012

Porto San Giorgio S.C.A. is an Italian football club managed by ScarfaceFDS.

The Team

Foundation History

Porto San Giorgio S.C.A. was founded on January 17th, 2006.


Arena Europa Sangiorgese
Arena Europa Sangiorgese is the arena of Porto San Giorgio S.C.A.

Total capacity: 60 001 seats

  • Terraces: 36 000
  • Basic seating: 14 500
  • Seats under roof: 8 150
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 351

 last improvement: 25-03-2011

Club History

Global Season League Final Pos. Cup round Trophies Top scorer Goals
49 IV.62 3rd 5th round none Giuseppe Santoponte 7
48 III.12 7th 11th round none Teddy Courvoisier 8
47 III.12 2nd 8th round none Goldenboot III.gif Sikko Holkema 14
46 III.12 1st 3th round Division III.PNG Sikko Holkema,
Teddy Courvoisier
45 III.12 6th 6th round none unknown none
44 IV.55 1st 8th round Division IV.PNG Halil Yalgın 12
43 IV.55 5th 4th round none Halil Yalgın 6
42 IV.55 2nd 5th round none Goldenboot IV.gif Tonguç Karakoç 15
41 IV.55 2nd 9th round none Tonguç Karakoç 12
40 V.125 1st 9th round Division V.PNG Goldenboot V.gif Sikko Holkema 13
39 V.125 3rd 5th round none Sikko Holkema 7
38 V.125 3rd 1st round none Sikko Holkema,
Dedé Arroyo
37 VI.3 1st 7th round Division VI.PNG Giorgio Momentè,
Dedé Arroyo
36 VI.3 4th 4th round none Giorgio Momentè 7
35 VI.3 6th 3rd round none Giorgio Momentè 7
34 VI.3 6th 3rd round none unknown -
33 VI.3 6th 1st round none unknown -
32 VII.535 2nd 3rd round none Emil Baković 6
31 VII.535 3rd 2nd round none Alfredo Ribichini 6
30 VII.535 3rd 2nd round none Anders Knölstål 6
29 VIII.1942 1th none Division VIII.PNG Goldenboot VIII.gif Alfredo Ribichini 10
28 X.656 3rd none none Giorgio Momentè 10

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