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Purple Helmet (HelmuthKohl) is a man who rarely knows a smiley and always wishes "Dober tek" to people (that is, when he's not asking them if they are serious). Like Leonaridus da kit designer, Helmet has no hair whatsoever, but if he had, it would be a shade of danish blonde. Responsible for a large amount of income for Hattrick Mobile, Helmet is known to surprise people in the middle of the night, at the most awkward of moments. In a connected vein, he's beautiful, he's beautiful, he's beautiful it's true, there must be an angel with a smile on her face, when she thought up that he should be run over by a bus. He likes to ride trains, though it still remains a mystery as to why long, round, track-sliding objects that perpetually move in and out of tunnels interest him.

Purple Helmet is supposedly a member of the 5th Slot Fed, as much as an ALICE chatbot can be.

Helmut Quotes

"Hi Oxidus. What do you think of my new stadium. Look, look, look, look. look."

"Are you serious?"

"I don't like redheads. Does that make me a racist?"

"I am good at nodding when someone says something. That can bring you far."

"I was joking about the polls. I hope that was obvious to everyone."