Pyongyang City FC

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Pyongyang City FC (433563)
Managed by Great_Leader
Club information
LocationMedenine Tounes
ArenaYanggakdo Stadium
Fan ClubProud to be Pyongyang

Pyongyang City FC is the first exile-team to play in Tunisia. Having already secured the III.5 and II.4 title, they still play in the II.4 series, confident to make it one day to the Division Nationale to become the ultimate force in Tunisian HT Football.


  • The beloved Great_Leader



  • Total capacity: 52'500

Club Honours

  • Series Runner up II.4 season 13
  • Series Runner up II.4 season 12
  • Division II.PNG Series Champions II.4 season 11
  • Division III.PNG Series Champions III.5 season 10

Memorable Games



  • Pyongyang City FC 9 - 1 F.C. Kelibia Sharks (136777827)




Our friend from Austria and personal adviser for steroids and other drugs.

Another Pyongyang Rival playing in Poland.

Big fan and admirer of our beloved Great_Leader.

Our friend and Spy from the US and A.

Our special friend from Ireland.

Can't be named for legal reasons.

Can't be named for legal reasons.

His former youth player is now the Great_Leaders favourite dutch player.

Belgian admirer of Pyongyang City FC.

Good friend and also Slovakia's most supported team.

Good friend of the Great_Leader.....although he comes from the South...

Is looking after our & there also does some laundry...

The biggest Archrival so far....and yet a good friend in bad times.

Some german dude adoring the Great_Leader

Another german team adoring the Great_Leader

Mysterious swiss team admiring the Great_Leader

Mysterious spanish team admiring the Great_Leader