RTP United

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RTP United (228464)
Managed by zy1125
Club information
LocationNorth Carolina USA
ArenaRTP United Arena
Fan ClubGreen Devils


RTP United is the name of the club managed by zy1125. The team is currently in V.77 in the United States.


United play at RTP United Arena, a 57,500-seat facility located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The club name is derived from the near-by Research Triangle Park, a 8,100 acre public/private, planned research park. With over 100 technology and research and development facilities, it employs over 38,500 area residents.


  • Season 22 - 1st place VI.875 (12-1-1)
  • Season 23 - 4th place V.77 (8-5-1)
  • Season 24 - 4th place V.77 (7-7)
  • Season 25 - 2nd place V.77 (7-5-2)
  • Season 26 - 5th place V.77 (7-5-2)

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