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Reberton is a Dutch team founded by cittleland on the 26th of September 2004.

They started in 9th division but soon made their way up to 6th.

At their second try in 5th division, they became champion again and promoted to 4th division.

After 3 seasons in IV.23 they promoted to 3rd division, where they play today in III.10.


  • DivisionIV.PNG IV.23 (season 22)
  • DivisionV.PNG V.26 (season 19)
  • DivisionVI.PNG VI.352 (season 18)
  • DivisionVI.PNG VI.725 (season 15)
  • DivisionVIII.PNG VIII.664 (season 13)
  • DivisionIX.PNG IX.522 (season 12)