Rein van Tunen

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Rein van Tunen (97477366)
Personal Information
Full name Rein van Tunen
Age72 years and 20 days
Country  Nederland
Current team retired
Youth Career
Youth teamNetherlands The Bunniksiders
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
29-33Spain XQUE Team21(0)
33-35Belgium Samb Team24(0)
35-37Spain pas team24(0)
38-39Tunisia Dalas FC32(0)
39-43Turkey Engineer United 258(0)
43-44Belgium borgloon boys5(0)
44Slovenia NK Radenska II13(0)
44Netherlands MIBDW10(0)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Rein van Tunen is a retired dutch goalkeeper.


Van Tunen spent his first football years in the youth team of the bunniksiders in the Netherlands. He wasn't a big talent, but was soon acquired by Spanish 8th league team XQUE for 102,000€. Being a reserve keeper the first season, he appeared in 5 games for the team, contributing some nice performances, that helped them clinch promotion. Next season he was the first choice goalkeeper of the team, which managed to stay up. After a difficult third season, blocked by injuries and only one appearance, van Tunen was transferred to Belgian Samb Team for 135,000€.

Belgium and back

Arriving in Belgium mid-season, van Tunen, despite picking up an injury, managed to play 7 games, again reaching promotion. The next season was uneventful, while starting all league matches, van Tunen again helped the team to stay up. Expressing desire to play in a higher league, van Tunen was granted a transfer to Spanish 6th league pas team for 160,000€. Despite being highly motivated, van Tunen got injured again, meaning only one start in the league. The team earned promotion and van Tunen was chosen to be the first choice keeper in the next season. This season, van Tunen made some of his best performances and the team won the league again and got promoted to the 4th divison. Playing another season for pas team, van Tunen departed to Dalas FC for 128,400€.

Tunisia, Turkey

The 28-year old joined Dalas with high expectations, hoping the team would vye for promotion again. Following a string of excellent performances, Dalas was promoted to the 3rd league. With his dreams fulfilled, van Tunen stayed with the club for one more season. Seeking new challenges, van Tunen transferred to Turkish 9th league club Engineer United 2 for 168,000€. van Tunen stayed with them 3 seasons and half, earning 2 back-to-back promotions. At the age of 34, he decided that it's time to move on and trasferred to belgian borgloon boys for a nominal fee of 25,000€.

Nearing retirement

Van Tunen was unsettled in Belgium, playing 5 games, again asking for a transfer, which was once more granted. He joined struggling Slovenian team NK Radenska II, and helped them through their first season in professional football. After a conversation with the clubs manager, he returned home to play for MIBDW, for 23,500€.