Resident Evil CF

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Resident Evil CF (765975)
Resident Evil CF
Managed by Postma
Club information
LocationGroningen Nederland
ArenaThe Hive is no more!
Fan ClubEvil Fanatics

Resident Evil CF was founded in March 2005 as SC Cheeta and renamed several times since then. The team is a mix of Dutch Team FC Groningen and English Team Liverpool CF. The club started in the lowest divison (X.289) in local season 14. The club began to grow faster and faster and are now playing in the VIII.818 of The Netherlands. In Season 21 GFC was promoted to the VII and has also won the title of the VIII.818.



  • Season 14: 5th place (X.289)
  • Season 15: 4th place (X.289)
  • Season 16: 1st place (X.289)
  • Season 17: 2nd place (IX.429)
  • Season 18: 3rd place (VIII.818)
  • Season 19: 2nd place (VIII.818)
  • Season 20: 2nd place (VIII.818)
  • Season 21: 1st place (VIII.818)

National Cup

  • Season 19: 1st Round
  • Season 20: 2nd Round
  • Season 21: 2nd Round

Prize shelf

Division X.PNGDivision VIII.PNG

The Hive is no more!

The Hive is no more! is the Arena of Resident Evil CF. It has a total capacity of 69,000.

  • Name: The Hive is no more!
  • Total capacity: 69,000
  • Terraces: 59,000
  • Basic seating: 6,000
  • Seats under roof: 3,550
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 450

Famous (Past) Players

  • Sweden Magnus Gröönstål

Youth Team

The youth team of GFC is named Groningen Football Club U18.