Riaz Sharif

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Riaz Sharif
Personal information
Full name Riaz Sharif
Nickname None
Position F
Current club SaimurLions
Youth clubs
Young Nights Watch
Professional clubs
Norway Bergen FC 20 (15)

Bangladesh SaimurLions 2 (5)

Turkey horoz1977 1 (0)

National team
0 (0)
0 (0)
Teams managed

Riaz Sharif is a player from Bangladesh who are playing for SaimurLions

Early life

Riaz Sharif was borned in Barisal in Bangladesh in season 38.


Bergen FC buyed him from KNORRE 1 for 1 190 000 kroner 12.4.2014. Some seasons later SaimurLions buyed him from Bergen FC for 8 000 000 kroner 24.10.2014

National career

He haven't played matches for the U20/NT national team of Bangladesh.