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Rochdale United

Rochdale United is a Hattrick football club from Rochdale, England. Rochdale United are managed by Politzia, they currently ply their trade in Series V.175.

Rochdale United (7474)
Rochdale Emblem.png
Managed By: Politzia
Location: Rochdale,  England
Founded: 2010-15-06
Ground: Springfield Park (Capacity: 51,800)
Fan Club: The Black Knights
Coach Portugal André Mendes

Home Kit:

Away Kit:
Club Honors

Series 46 VI.967

Series 47 VI.967

2011-Norfolk Cup

2011-Gardiner Road Shield


The club was formed on the 15th of June 2010, from the ashes chodelets, joining mid way through season 42. United (Chodelets) had already been eliminated from the cup, so manager Pirahna1uk only had the league to focus on. United only had five matches remaining, and Pirahna1uk steered them to a decent 5th place. Season 43 was planned as a season of development with the manager wishing to strengthen his team. United made it to round 2 in the cup before being knocked out, and achieved a comfortable 4th place in the league. Season 44 was again about strengthening the team, but this time Pirahna1uk was wanting his squad to push for a top 2 spot. Once again United crashed out of the cup in round 2, but their season was far from over, three matches from the end of the season, United were sitting 2nd in the league. United lost 1-0 to Roonited Nations, who moved up to 2nd, they then played 1st placed Transform FC, losing 2-0, destroying all hopes of a 2nd place finish. They won their final match 1-0 to secure 3rd place but after being 2nd for most of the season, it seemed like a bit of an anticlimax. Season 45 Rochdale United maintained competitive for the first half of the season spending their time sitting 2nd in the league, with only goal difference separating them from leaders Transform FC, United unfortunately started slipping, and by the end of the season they finished 3 points behind Transform in second place. They have however been knocked out once again in the 2nd round of the cup. Season 46 saw Transform FC go into administration, and was shut down, Wardys Wombles replaced them, and faced United in the first match of the season. United took this opportunity of upheaval to set about getting themselve into a strong position from the off, resulting in what turned out to be a comfortable 9-0 victory. United went from strength to strength, going on a thirteen match winning streak in the league. United wrapped up the title with a match to spare, and only needed a victory in the final match to guarantee automatic promotion. United faced Wierd Eleven in the final match, the newcomers had joined mid season, but were out to claim a scalp, which they managed, winning 3-2, after going 3 goals up. United tried a fightback, with Walter Neff, scoring a double on 76 and 79 minutes, but it was just to far a target, and United succumed to their first loss of the season. Season 47 Saw United installed as favourites,and they started off strongly against a Roonited Nations side, winning 4-0. This was to set the precedent for the remainder of the season, with United winning all 14 matches, to guarantee auto promotion. United even got revenge over Wierd Eleven, thumping them 7-0 at home, and 5-1 away. United put away 109 goals and conceeded a solitary 1, to match into series V.175.

The Cup

Rochdale United's best cup run came in season 46, when they reached round 4, losing to troubled fc, 3 divisions higher, 4-2. It wasnt all plain sailing for troubled however, even with the infamous Crispin Tocher up front. United battled to a 2-2 score until the 80th minute, before conceeding two late goals to seal Uniteds fate.

KHA Champons League

Rochdale United enter the tournament for the first time in Season 45. This hasnt been a very fruitful tournament for United, with then being unable to qualify from the group stages.

Norfolk Cup

Rochdale United competed in the first Norfolk cup on 13th of May 2011. Winning in the final 2-0 against The Canaries. Whether the cup will return however is at present unknown.

The Black Knights

The Black Knights, formed at the same time as the club, have steadily increased its members,exceeding the two thousand mark, the fan base is in rude health and growing weekly. The Knights have also formed a club band, who are seen at every match, playing the team to victory.


Springfield Park constantly seems to be under development, it currently stands at 51,800 capacity, and no doubt the board are planning further expansions to the stadium. Currently the stadium consists of four banks of stands and four corner stands, with turnstyles along the west and south side. Most of the stadium is now covered.

The Future

The future of Rochdale United is looking exciting, Star goalkeeper Charles Colbourne, is pushing for an England U20 cap, and progressing wonderfully. The team is looking stronger every season, and the manager is always on the look out for new talent. The youth team is also producing quality talent, which should feed the club for years. Colbourne being a perfect example of the systems productivity. Contact has recently been made with the dback, the current England U20 manager regarding Colbourne. It is felt that he has the potential to make it into the U20 squad in the next U20 WCQ.

Players To Watch

Player Aquired Age Spec TSI Place of Birth
GK England Charles Colbourne 10.07.2011 19 None 28,300 England Rochdale, England
GK England David Kaplan 28.10.2011 16 None Unknown England Channel Islands, England


Manager Pirahna1uk has also begun to mentor the managers of the future, currently giving direction and advice to DLCaRo, manager of The Canaries (957688) and also XjammieX, manager of FC Original Inc. (59067)