Rockers Café

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Rockers Café (20981)
Rocker Café
Chief Officer henstra
Founding date 18-03-2005
Members 46 (on 23-07-2009)
Languages Dutch, Flemish

The Rockers Café federation (AllianceID: 20981) was founded early 2005 by henstra. His vision was to unite all the people within hattrick who enjoy the best music in the world, namely Rock music. He didn't really succeed in this (we blame dance music and R&B), but he did manage to create a nice and friendly federation where people who do enjoy rock music meet up to talk about hattrick or any other things which might or might not be related to rock music.

Wizard of Booze

This ancient tradition of the Rockers Café involves making the 1000th post in the general chit-chat topic. During the years heaps of topic have been filled up to post number 1000. Legendary WOB (short for Wizard of Booze) will always be JarJar13 who was the ultimate sniper of the 1000th post. This tradition is still upheld today with the WOB opening the new café topic on the federation forum.

"De Harde Kern"

During the glory days of the federation in 2006/2007 the group of people who were with the federation from the start have been referred to as "The Harde Kern". These members were the driving force behind the federations succes and will always be remembered!