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Roman Ružic is, although fired, the most widely known Slovenian player in Hattrick. He was first ever divine and U-20 player for Kolezija.


His story,know as Slovenian football fairytale, began on a beautiful summer night in the Slovenian city of Ajdovščina. It was raining cats and dogs and the wind was blowing like never before, but nevertheless, 22.5.2005 was the day when a new Slovenian superstar had been born, Roman Ružic, who was miraculously 17 years old right at his birth.

Thus a new era had begun in the world of Hattrick, a new renaissance! This young prospect was a first week pull, solid in wing and passable in passing. A bidding war soon started in his name in which all the finest wing trainers were involved. People had estimated him to more than a million, some said that he will break all the records, because he was to improve in his wing right on his first training. That is why he was sold for, believe it or not, 1 491 000€, his father, jouzek, the owner od Wajdusna, was ecstatic!

Incredibly, fortune-tellers were right! Roman Ružic has become a star in less than a week! All the greatest newspapers were writing about him, not only articles, but whole pages! It continued as it started, he quickly progressed and was breaking records as he went. In 4 weeks time he was already formidable when considering his wing skill, he later went to outstanding and brilliant before becoming magnificent by the end of the season, an unbelievable success for a 17 year old player. It was then evident that he would soon become a U-20 player.

sismis, Slovenian U-20 coach back then, had been terriffied by the talent that was soon to be in his squad. He had no choice but to put him in the first line-up in a U-20 World cup match against Poland. A match without any motive at all, there was nothing to decide. Slovenia ended it's best U-20 WC campaign in the 3rd round. Even though the game was as laid back as possible, Roman achieved 5* and it was only the beginning of his wonderful career as an international and a begining of a legendary U-20 duo that was formed by Roman Ružic and Smiljan Simjanovski. They also had some confrontations in the league in which Smiljan's team NK Rodica prevailed, but it was a completely different scene on the pitch. Smiljan remembers: "Roman was an incredible player, I haven't seen such finese neither before nor after. He was an incredible dribbler also technical by speciality. His dribbles through our entire team were so good that I had to come back and resolve the situation for our defenders, and I'm an attacker!!! Also legendary was his powerful right foot, he once literally put a hole in our net, that's how hard his shots were. Yeah... he was really a good footballer and above all a good and handsome person... even my girlfriend still dreams of him day and night!"

At first he recieved a true shock that doesn't suit a player like Roman, his reputation was literally sold-out, when a dutch team, FC Slaughter bought him for mere 1 020 000€. That was a shameful act considering his TSI of 349 760. In his career, he went from club to club, never really finding his happines as he did in Kolezija. It looked as if he would finally settle but no... the club was closed and so he dissapeared from the face of Hattrick.

One would hardly describe Roman Ružic in a few sentences, but if I were to do it, I would say that he was, and still is, the most popular, or let's say, the most known player in Slovenian Hattrick and it will remain like that for a number of seasons. He set many records, unseen before... his repertoire of records also includes the number of posts about a specific player on Slovenian conference, that number is said to be 532.

There have been many theories about how he has disapeared from Hattrick. One of the latest and most logical says that his team bus had a fatal accident, killing all players but him. He showed signs of life when they lifted the bus in an effort to pull him out. But it was no use, the crane broke and the bus fell back down on him. The HT gods just didn't want him to live...

Career milestones

Date of birth: 22.5.2005 Last goal: 109876370 Date of his arrival to Kolezija: 25.5.2005 Left Kolezija on: 01.12.2006 Best rating: 8,5* First ever game: 45821233 First ever rating: 3* First ever card: 40864942 First ever goal: 40864960

Match event

Slovenian (original): Igralec moštva [team], [player], je izvedel lepo akcijo po krilu in nato izjemno natančno podal. S tem je mnoge poznavalce spomnil na legendarnega Romana Ružica. Zaradi žalostne usode le tega se je orosilo marsikatero oko, spomin pa je navlažil tudi večji del občinstva nežnejšega spola. [player] je tako žogo le še prisebno umiril ter zadel za [home]-[away].

English (translation only): Player of [team], [player] started a really good play on his wing and then extremely precisely passed. With this, he reminded experts of the legendary Roman Ružic. Because of his sad fate, many have started to cry and the memory made women wet. [player] only calmed the ball down and scored for [home]-[away]