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The official Romanian forum, also named RO-Hattrick, was the biggest external hattrick forum.

The Begining

The forum was started in 15.August.2002 by PET using an Invision Board forum. The forum was a huge succes. The community was starting to grow. Members like: duru, Masi27185, sever, Sfant_U, il_luce, Zeratul, bonculetu, Norel, (and more) put the base of the comunity. Since 2004 the forum uses a vBulletin forum. Due Hattrick conferece modifications, lack of hattrick staff support, additions of regions and leagues conference, in 2004 the forum activity has started to dropped. Today only 2% of the members are active.


On 17.October.2006 the forum has 9,696 members, 579,961 posts, 27,105 topics.

  • Attachment Usage: 3.3GB
  • Data Usage: 472MB
  • Index Usage: 200MB

RO-Hattrick Party's

Every year at the middle of August in Timisoara, took place the biggest Hattrick party's in Romania.

  • In 2003 there was only ~15 members (1 from the country) Photo Album
  • In 2004 there was ~45 members. Many users think this was the best party.
  • In 2005 there was ~50 members. Photo Album Guestbook 1Guestbook 2
  • In 2006 there was ~55 members.

The End

The forum is planned for closure in March 2007 when the vBulletin license will expire due the lack of activity and public interest.