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Rosemeadow Royals are a slowly developing team with IV in their sights. Managed by Robert_SWS the team has recently shown much improvement and will no doubt make history one day. They began life in Oceanian season 24 (world season 36).

Robert_SWS (421343)
Managed By: Robert_SWS
Location: New South Wales,  Oceania
Founded: 2008-07-28
Ground: Royal Court
Capacity: 42,000

Fan Club: The Holy Army
Highest Ranking: 181st
Coach Austria Moritz Dengg
Prize Shelf Division VI.PNGDivision VI.PNGDivision V.PNGDivision V.PNG

Home Kit:

Away Kit:
Hall Of Fame Björn Stensson - Former Coach
Other Honors GMC Youth Champions Season 10
Angelo Nicoli - Golden Boot VI.537 (Season 26)
Dominic Cassut - Golden Boot VI.245 (Season 28)


Initial years

After taking over in VI.537 round 6 of Season 24, the same time their close rivals Juniper Hill were taken over by Blackmissionary, Rosemeadow were guided to a 4th place finish in their first attempt. A respectable finish in a somewhat challenging league. Immediate rapport was developed between Poluta'u Gero and the new manager and Gero quickly became a favourite. Goalkeeper, Salvatore Motlop also took the manager's eye in their initial year together.

Their first ever game was a 3-3 draw against Juniper Hill. Rosemeadow went the rest of the season under Robert undefeated 6-2-0.

Rosemeadow started the next season poorly losing 6-1 to Northern Territory then 8-0 in the 2nd round of the cup. However that was 1 of only 3 losses in the league as they went on to finish 2nd behind Juniper Hill. Poluta'u Gero was awarded the Royal's Golden Boot award as well as being voted Player's Player for this season. The end of the season also marked the start of the manager becoming a supporter of hattrick.

After again failing to get past the 2nd round of the cup after drawing another Div V opponent, Robert_SWS focused all his new found knowledge and experience from the first season and a half in charge on the season at hand. He managed to lead Rosemeadow through an undefeated season 11-3-0 (+36) and get them auto-promoted. This was also the same time that Salvatore Motlop was given the reigns as Head Coach. Angelo Nicoli won the Golden Boot award for series VI.537 with 13 goals.

The New Era

Their first season in Div V proved to be way too much for the still green manager, as Rosemeadow were tossed out of V.164 with a 0-0-14 (-53) record. Despite this, Rosemeadow managed to pick up Adidas sponsorship at the start of the season. Just before the round 7 games were played, Rosemeadow had a mass sale and basically started again from scratch but with a firm structure in mind. The team hired a new coach in Bjorn Stensson (now a hall of fame member) and spent over $10,000,000 in investments for the club. This included 8 new playmaking trainees in, Henry Van Elburg, Jean Kwanten, Thomas Bladsky, (youth pull) Masatomo Makino, Gonzalo Moreno, Flaviu Costea, Johny Harvengt and Jamal Weyden. All of whom still apply their trade today.

The season was written off but it was a much needed wake up call for change at the Royal Court.

The following season seemed to set the tone for more trouble as Rosemeadow failed to beat a bot in the 2nd round of the cup and were beaten in the 1st league game of the season. However this wasn't to be the case, as the early season blemishes were quickly forgotten when Rosemeadow went on to claim their 2nd Div VI title and another auto-promotion. Rosemeadow's Dominic Cassut, then Captain of the Royals, was the golden boot winner of series VI.245 with 17 goals. Rouven Peltenburg and Henry Van Elburg were 2nd and 3rd respectively with 10 and 8 goals.

It is funny to look back now at what was then, a record for the club as they "splurged over AU$3,000,000 to buy a whole new team". These days that won't even buy one player.

The struggles of V.95

As of Season 29, Rosemeadow have been surviving in V.95, a league that they were extremely lucky to stay in. Rosemeadow arrived on the scene with Tottenham Flashpurs, a team still in early development. However every other team was quite formidable. Luckily however, Paisley Town, a very strong team who had come 2nd and 3rd in the previous 2 campaigns in V.95 had decided it was time for change; sold up and purposely dropped to Div. VI granting Rosemeadow a saving grace in 6th spot (on GD). The following season (30), V.95 was ranked by Alltid as the hardest league in division V. Bondi United, Happy Scrappy, NK Damage and Wannabe Green all had amazingly good squads however with 2 bots and a weak team in Vandernators (now a bot) in the league also, survival was assured however any hope of promotion was simply a dream. NK Damage the eventual winners of the league, failed to win their promotion qualifier however and so it looked like another tough season was in the works. Season 30 was also the season Rosemeadow set a new bench mark in the cup, making it to the 4th round for the 1st time.

Season 31 and the ball started to roll. Bondi United, like Paisley Town before them, decided the league was too tough and decided relegation was a quicker way to get higher. Again with 2 bots and a team that had given up, Rosemeadow’s survival was assured. However, this year they had title ambitions. These high hopes were quickly shot down with losses to the main contenders, leaving Rosemeadow to squaller in 5th place. Season 31 also signalled the entrance of Pig Hunters. The season ended disappointingly for most, with Happy Scrappy Hero Pups failing in their 11th season in V.95 and Wannabe also missing out on the title. NK Damage however, went on to leave the league and fight on in IV. There was big change at Rosemeadow this year, with the original trainees finally being sold off. It was hard to let go of Henry Van Elburg and Flaviu Costea however to progress to the next level sacrifices had to be made. The team also got brand new jerseys and Stensson was inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

The following season (32), some heavy spending saw Rosemeadow put in a real title challenge. An upset loss to Jugs, after taking them too lightly meant their dreams were over rather quickly but a top 3 finish gave the supporters some heart. The season ended with a feel-good story as Happy Scrappy finally won the title and got promotion in their 12th season in V.95. They didn't just win the title, but did so in style going undefeated 12-2-0 (+71). The 2 draws were against the now title contenders Wannabe Green and Rosemeadow Royals. Rosemeadow's Luka Kokic missed out on the Golden Boot award by 1 goal. Certainly a big difference from their first trip into Division V.

Season 33, Rosemeadow emptied the bank investing in squad members and upgraded stadium having been sold out in the previous season 3 times. A strong defence is paving the way but with new comers MIASG putting up a defensive wall and Jigs once again proving to be a stumbling block drawing 2-2 with Rosemeadow at home the season was almost lost. However, great tactics and even greater luck saw Rosemeadow somehow get a 2-0 victory against title rivals Wannabe Green away from home. It was dubbed by the manager as "one of my most fulfilling moments in my hattrick career". It is also the season the new Royals Logo was developed. From the highs of pulling off an upset victory to the lows of being held by Jugs (again) and being knocked out of the title race by MIASG after a 3-2 loss at home, Rosemeadow's season crashed and burned in round 9. Like the phoenix, Rosemeadow rose out of the ashes of their nearly lost season with a 2-0 win over Wannabe that puts them only 1 point behind the leader with 3 games to go. Rosemeadow eventually finished 2nd, 1 point behind leaders Wannabe...looking back, yet again Jugs has killed the Royal dream.

Season 34 saw 2 potential title threats in Menai Spurs and Road-Kill Rangers join the league after Wannabe Green successfully navigated their way out through a qualifier. The openeing game saw Rosemeadow beat newly relegated Road-Kill but also saw their 1st choice keeper pick up a 3 week injury putting their season on shakey ground. Rosemeadow then drew with Jugs 0-0, dropping points to their rivals yet again which (arguably) cost them the title last season. Some good came of the week however as the following wednesday the Royals made it to the 5th round of the cup for the first time in their history. Now with everyone fit and fighting, MIASG in the next league game, Rosemeadow's season could all turn around now. One of the games of the season and potentially Rosemeadow's history. Rosemeadow defeated MIASG despite have only 9 men for over 20 minutes. The season had some bumps along the way however and the return leg against MIASG ended up a 1-0 loss. Rosemeadow still held top spot but only on GD. Just 2 weeks later they were dropped into 2nd and the team seemed to fall apart. The G.M. threw all previous plans out the window and sold off 5 players in order to raise funds for a new young striker and defender.

Come the final day of the season, Rosemeadow were hosting Road-Kill, and MIASG were away to Jugs. MIASG had top spot with 34 points +52, Rosemeadow in 2nd on 34 points and +51. It was expected that MIASG would take the title having already beaten Jugs 4-0 this season and Rosemeadow owuld have to win by 2 more than MIASG as they had a better GF. Half-time and Rosemeadow had a 3-1 lead however Alex Dal Mutto was injured and replaced by the extremely low skilled Hinch, but with Jugs and MIASG still 0-0 there was hope although 1 goal from MIASG would mean they kept top spot on GF. Fulltime came and Rosemeadow had managed a 4-1 win, whilst MIASG in an upset were held 0-0, losing the title on the last day. Rosemeadow however were in trouble on and off the pitch. After going all out for the wins to make sure they could grab top spot, the teams spirit was torn to shreds with players at each others throats. Also Dal Mutto and Gnowtowski had injuries meaning both the front and backline were not going to be at their best. Their playoff game against Bondi Boys was intense with Shebunin pulling off 3 magnificent 1st half saves to keep it 0-0 at HT. However an early goal in the 2nd half meant Rosemeadow had to change things up to go for the win. Doing so left their defence in shambles and it wasn't long before the final whistle came and the final score of 3-0.

Season 35 - Another go around in V.95. The opening game of the season saw Rosemeadow play host to title rivals MIASG. A game which was very tight and decided by a solitary goal. Sadly it was MIASG who scored it. The result saw Rosemeadow drop to 7th and be ranked outside the top 1000 for the first time in 9 weeks.The following week saw a visit to Pirelli Park where the Pig Hunters and their new title ambitions were waiting. However a spirited performance saw the Royals leave the park with a 2-0 victory. Meanwhile Rosemeadow continue to bash bots in the cup. Round 3 and hosting Dusk Dragons, Rosemeadow had very little to worry about. The game and shock of the season came from Pig Hunters v MIASG as Pig Hunters won 2-1, with MIASG only sending out 10-men at the start of the game. A mistake that will surely cost them the title. Meanwhile MIASG also lost in the cup surprisingly to a very poor opponent to their standards. It is still unclear whether it was a tactic, or if the wheels have fallen off the MIASG wagon. Also a surprise in the cup is the fact that Menai Spurs managed to somehow make it to the 4th round with Rosemeadow. A feat many others thought only MIASG would do. The league results this season with upsets and surprise wins has meant it is now potentially a 5-horse race with Menai, Jugs, Pigs and Road-Kill all performing extremely well this season and closing the gap on league front runners Roseemadow and MIASG. Could it be that Rosemeadow will come to regret their promotion play-off loss last season even more than they do now? They certainly will if they fail to get our of V.95 this season.

Plodding along and breaking records with Rosemeadow's first ever Excellent midfield rating, the Royals were somehow knocked out of the cup due to some really bad luck. The next set of bad luck came against Jugs when 2 players were injured (both Sommarlund and Helling) which lead to the game ending 0-0 and Rosemeadow dropping more vital points. The following week Rosemeadow somehow lost to Road-Kill in a defeat that saw the manager lose his cool and refuse to speak to the press. However with other weird and wild results going around, in round 10 Rosemeadow were in 3rd and only 3 points off surprise league leaders Pig Hunters. Round 13 saw Rosemeadow host the Pig Hunters in a game that was do or die for the Royals as only at least a 2-0 win would suffice in order to set them up for the league win next week. A late 1st half goal to Dal Mutto put the Royals up but just after the break the young striker picked up an injury leaving the front-line toothless. Luckily however Moritz Dengg stepped up in the 84th minute and put away a 2nd to give Rosemeadow a 2-goal win and help them jump into top spot on GD. The last round of the season saw MIASG (4th) v Rosemeadow Royals (1st) and Pig Hunters (2nd) v Road-Kill (3rd). With Road-Kill, Pig Hunters and Rosemeadow all on 31 points and with +26, +32 and +34 GD respectively it was a tight league until the bitter end. Half-time of both games saw the Royals and Road-Kill ahead 1-0 giving Rosemeadow their title. The 2nd half was a different story and Pig Hunters came back to take the lead 2-1, however with that being the final score it simply wasn't enough and Rosemeadow grabbed their first ever back-to-back titles.

# V.95 - Season 35 W D L GD Pts
1 Rosemeadow Royals 11 1 2 +35 34
2 Pig Hunters 11 1 2 +33 34
3 Road-Kill Rangers 10 1 3 +26 31

Rosemeadow had a play-off match against Cairns All-Stars, a team that remarkably resembled the playing style of MIASG. Predicting a tough close game, Rosemeadow went out with no fear with their strongest line-up possible. Helling and Dal Mutto once again proving to be a deadly partnership, with Dal Mutto scoring 6 minutes in and Helling scoring 4 minutes before half-time. However Helling also picked up an injury right before the half-time whistle which saw senior citizen Emanuel Berghammer makes his 105th club appearance. The 2nd half however despite Royals concerns went in their favour, with Dal Mutto increasing the lead and securing Rosemeadow's first ever promotion into division IV.

Hello IV

Season 36 - Royals have finally reached IV, just in time to comply with the club goal of reaching it by season 36 (doing so with 1 season to spare). Rosemeadow started the season great, with a 5-1 win in their first ever IV match. The following week saw the Royals win 4-0 and haad the team buzzing. There was a real feeling growing that they could make it 3 titles in a row and possibly back to back promotions.

The GMC Cup

Rosemeadow entered their first GMC cup in season 35 and were seeded in group E. The first game was played against Arzt Schnell. The game ended with a 3-1 loss with very little feeling showed by the manager as shown by the team choice. The following match was played against Auckland FC New Boys and again the Royals played an under strength side and lost 5-1. The manager citing that the league was 1000x more important than the GMC cup. However with an "easy" game against Pimpdaddys in the league Rosemeadow rested a few players to play in their final group game. A game which they won 4-1 against Dutch Courage. It was to everyones surprise that following their only points from the last game, Rosemeadow miraculously made it to the knock-out stage of the cup.

# GMC Cup VIII - Group E W D L GD Pts
1 Auckland FC New Boys 3 0 0 +18 9
2 Rosemeadow Royals 1 0 2 -3 3
3 Arzt Schnell 1 0 2 -6 3
4 Dutch Courgae 1 0 2 -9 3

Rosemeadow now play the Rosenborg All-Stars in the round of 32. Rosemeadow were the obvious underdogs and travelling to the neutral ground in Hungary there was little hope of returning victorious. However a 1-0 lead at half-time and with their opponent struggling to keep formation hope was high in the dressing room. A quick fire goal from club legend Berghammer gave Rosemeadow a 2-0 lead and almost wrapped up the game. The 80th minute saw Rosenborg pull one back but Berghammer got the 2 goal buffer back a mere 3 minutes later, 2 minutes after that Rosenborg picked up another to make it interesting but alas Rosemeadow ended the game 3-2 ahead and full of vigor. With the stats at the end of the game showing just how much of an upset it was the Royals can count their lucky stars they are in the round of 16. The next game followed the script eventually. Rosemeadow did manage to hold their opponents till half-time to a 1-1 score line, but eventually conceded 5 goals in the last 10 minutes of play for a final score of 7-1 and a round of 16 exit.

Media Releases

Rosemeadow have been releasing regular weekly updates after each competitive match to keep it's fans up to date with the feelings of the coach, manager and club in general. Royals Media Releases in early season 33 became online and posted via Hattrick United as well as their main page. However only HTU were provided with some of ther other in depth stories about the club.


Original Home Jersey Rosemeadowhistoricalhome.png Original Away Jeresey Rosemeadowhistoricalaway.png Alternate Away Jersey Rosemeadowhistoricalalternate.png Season 28 Away Jersey ArsenalRoyals.png

Current Home Jersey RosemeadowHome.png Current Away Jersey RosemeadowAway.png

Special Occasion Jerseys

Hattrick's 13th Birthday Hattrick13th.png GMC's 1st Anniversary GMCanni1st.png Call to Arms (Cancer Awareness) Yellowribbon.png Sydney Swans 2011 Finals Swansjersey.png

Evolution Of Logos

Original Logo Originalroayls.jpg Updated Logo Season 31 421343.jpg Current Logo (designed by Mister_CH) New421343.png

The very 1st logo contained a different ball. This new version was updated shortly before the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa to show support for the Australian campaign (note the Australian flag). The original sky blue was changed to a darker colour as the club evolved and it was decided a change was needed. This coincided with the adoption of the new jerseys now in use. The transfer from Season 24, to roman numerals was also a mark of the change.

The newest logo was created near the start of Season 33 and was another step forward to developing a more professional image for the club.

Hall Of Fame

The Rosemeadow Hall Of Fame is relatively new, with the 1st official Hall Of Famer being inducted on 23/10/2010. Before Stensson was inducted into the Hall Of Fame, there were 2 unofficial inductees. They were unable to be placed in the HoF as Gero was being contracted to a bot side and Motlop is still currently looking for work as a coach.

Björn Stensson - Former Coach BjörnStensson.png

First day with club: 16/05/2009

Last day with club: 23/10/2010

Inducted into the HoF: 23/10/2010

Seasons with the Club: 5

Former Clubs: manouche72, Fc Skyshop.

Björn Stensson was the first coach after Salvatore Motlop and was recruited to train the likes of Costea and Van Elburg who helped the team survive in div V. He quickly became a hit with the G.M. and the fans as he guided the talented youth through troubled times in V.164 and trained them well enough to have an undefeated season and maintain life in division V. Coincidence or not, Stensson has stamped his name on the Royals forever.

Björn Stensson wasn't afraid to strap on the boots when called upon, even though he was in his 60's. Mainly playing in friendly games with a couple of competitive caps in between. He wasn't afraid to get stuck in, picking up 4 yellow cards for his troubles. Amazingly on the 3/2/2010, Stensson picked up his first and only goal for the club. As reported "The defenders were clearly outwitted by Rosemeadow after 11 minutes. The disciplined free kick combination shifted the ball quickly to one side of the box, then back to the other. Björn Stensson appeared on cue near the post, and steered it past the goalie. 1 - 0."

He nwas employed as the Sales Director Transfers for the Rosemeadow Royals and wass often interveiwed when big money moves take place. He was in charge of the move that saw Brian Sommarlund join the club. Today however he has been given the job title of Club Secretary as his old job had been retrenched due to the G.M. not wanting to share power of transfers.

Poluta'u Gero - Amazing Winger Noimage.png

First day with club: 29/7/2008

Last day with club: 24/6/2009

Inducted into HoF: 11/8/2010 (unofficially)

Seasons with club: 3

Former Clubs: Unknown

Poluta'u Gero was one of the very first players in Rosemeadow Royals and has been with the club since day one. Much like Hinch, Horan and Healy; Gero made his mark on the manager by being a complete package. Gero is ranked 5oth on the all-time charts for ratings in Royals history with 3.5 stars. Gero played 51 games (including friendlies) and captained the side 4 times. He scored approximately 16 goals in his time, including 1 hattrick in a 5-0 win against Tahiti Aussies and was a pillar in the Royals first few seasons.

In honor of him being unable to be fully inducted into the Hall Of Fame, his famous number 10 jersey was retired and is used as a base of the away jersey.

Salvatore Motlop - Great Coach and Keeper SalvatoreMotlop.png

First day with club: 29/7/2008

Last day with club: 16/5/2009

Inducted into HoF: 11/8/2010 (unofficially)

Former Clubs: None

Motlop played in goals 7 times (including friendlies), wearing the captains armband each time. Motlop scored only once (from the penalty spot) and kept one clean sheet. His one goal however was a very crucial one as it was the goal that equalised 3-3 with Juniper Hill in Rosemeadow's first ever competetive match.

He will be remembered for sacrificing is playing days to take up the coaching role when money was tight at Rosemeadow. He epitimised the spirit of the new club and carried on with the job under any circumstance. He too was honored by hanging up his famed number 99 jersey and is used as a base for the home jersey.

Eduardo Cabeza - Former Club Captain, 2nd Most Caps, Most Caps as Captain EduardoCabeza.png

First day with club: 15/12/2009

Last day with club: 23/10/2011

Inducted into HoF: 23/10/2011

Former Clubs: Team Deluxe, PUEBLA DE LA FRANJA F.C., Dick Dastardly F.C.

Eduardo Cabeza was along with Nesström and Berghammer the trio that carried Rosemeadow into the heights of division V and made sure they stayed there. Cabeza has the record for most caps as captain and is 1 of only 6 players to ever score a hattrick in Royals colours. He was a powerhouse in defence and teh wing consistently dropping back and helping the defence launch counter-attacks when he could.

He is now the PR manager for the Royals and is spearheading a move to create a team motto.

Mattias Nesström - Great Servant in midfield and on the wing. MattiasNesström.png

First day with club: 15/12/2009

Last day with club: 24/10/2011

Inducted into HoF: 24/10/2011

Former Clubs: De Generaliserte Andre, Viggarum FF, FK ILEGALAC, Scorpioni F.C., wää, D-Chiller, pinos puente cf

Nesström was the 1st player to ever break a 5 star rating for Rosemeadow and was there in the troubled times as part of "the trio". During the dark days of season 27, Rosemeadow were going through a lot of change. With 6 brand new IM trainees, it was left up to Nesström to do most of the grunt work in midfield which he did so with a smile. He took Rosemeadow from their lowest point and helped them reach their highest.

He can be found at the training grounds bright and early setting up equipment and laughing at all those people doing the stamina drills he so hated.

Current Squad

Position Nationality Player Acquired
Coach/W Austria Moritz Dengg Captain sports.png 1/7/2011
GK Russia Eduard Shebunin 24/12/2010
GK Brazil Oscar Saconato 15/4/2010
WB/CD Germany Nisse Gaul 10/8/2011
WB Finland Pasi Hemminki 28/11/2010
CD Italy Enzo Duglio 1/11/2011
CD Switzerland Guillaume Carles 9/11/2011
CD Bulgaria Stoyan Panteleev 24/7/2011
W Serbia Vanja Tomčić 19/6/2011
IM Finland Brian Sommarlund 27/1/2011
IM Oceania Daniel Krilich 1/4/2010 (youth pull)
IM Oceania Shane Varcoe 31/1/2011
IM Oceania Maynard Piper 25/10/2011
IM Oceania Nat Sawcer 23/10/2011
IM Oceania Tarin Rosewall 28/10/2011
FW Netherlands Clarence Helling 28/9/2011
FW Italy Alex Dal Mutto 4/6/2011
FW Switzerland Emanuel Berghammer Captain sports.png 15/12/2009
R (FW) Hungary Barnabás Szintye 26/5/2010
R (CD) Italy Delio Ciuffo 27/5/2010
R (CD) Oceania Rory Blanchett 18/4/2011
R (W/FW) Oceania Emmett Hinch 29/7/2008 & 6/5/2011
R (W) Oceania Nathan Carter 12/11/2011
R (W/WB/FW) Oceania Lang Dandy 3/11/2011


Club Records

  • all records exclude friendly matches (stats correct as of 28/2/2012)
Record Held By With
Most Appearances Emmanual Berghammer

2nd Daniel Krilich

109 Matches

73 Matches

Most Clean Sheets Eduard Shebunin

2nd Oscar Saconato



Most Goals Scored Emanuel Berghammer

2nd Luka Kokic



Most Hattricks Emanuel Berghammer

2nd Luka Kokic



Most Goals Scored in One Game Emanuel Berghammer

2nd Clarence Helling



Most Caps as Captain Eduardo Cabeza

2nd Luka Kokic

32 Matches

28 Matches

Highest Home Crowd v MIASG Sinners (Round 9, Season 33) 42,000
Longest Undfeated Run 20/9/2009 - 6/1/2010, 25/12/2012 - 14/3/2012 15
Most Consecutive Clean Sheets 18/10/2009 - 6/1/2010 11
Most Consecutive Wins 25/12/2012 - 14/3/2012 15
Most Consecutive Losses 24/5/2009 - 23/8/2009 15
Rosemeadow Historical Results
Season C1 R1 C2 R2 C3 R3 C4 R4 C5 R5 C6 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 Q #
24 - VI.537 / / / / / / / / / / / D / W W D W W W W / 4th
25 - VI.537 W L L W / D / D / W / L W D L W W W W W / 2nd
26 - VI.537 W W L W / D / W / W / D W W D W W W W W / 1st
27 - V.164 W L L L / L / L / L / L L L L L L L L L / 8th
28 - VI.245 W L L W / W / W / D / W W W W W W W W W / 1st
29 - V.95 W W L L / L / D / L / L D D L L L W L W W 6th
30 - V.95 W D W W W D L W / D / W D L L L W D W D W 5th
31 - V.95 W W W W L L / W / L / L L W L D L L W W W 5th
32 - V.95 W W W W W L L L / W / W D L W W W W W W / 3rd
33 - V.95 W W W W W D L W / W / D W W L W W W W W / 2nd
34 - V.95 W W W W W D W W L W / W W W W W L W W W L 1st
35 - V.95 W L W W W W L W / W / D L W W W W W W W W 1st
Rosemeadow Historical Goals
Season League* GF League* GA League* GD Cup GF Cup GA Cup GD
24 - VI.537 21 9 +12 N/A N/A N/A
25 - VI.537 38 23 +15 4 10 -6
26 - VI.537 48 12 +36 6 11 -5
27 - V.164 5 58 -53 5 8 -3
28 - VI.245 62 4 +58 4 2 +2
29 - V.95 24 29 -5 5 1 +4
30 - V.95 43 11 +32 7 4 +3
31 - V.95 44 26 +18 13 5 +8
32 - V.95 55 12 +43 11 4 +7
33 - V.95 74 8 +66 20 3 +17
34 - V.95 57 6 +51 27 6 +21
35 - V.95 41 3 +38 18 3 +15
36 - IV.61 14 4 +10 19 0 +19
TOTAL 526 205 +321 139 57 +82
  • League stats include play-off games

Youth Team - The Campbelltown Cobras

Hurleypark.pngCobras.jpg Division IV.PNGDivision IV.PNGDivision III.PNGDivision III.PNGDivision II.PNGDivision I.PNGDivision II.PNG

Hurley Park a.k.a. The Snake Pit


In The Youth Wilderness

Campbelltown Cobras came into life in early 2009. The reason for their start up was due to the extremely poor youth pulls done in the former system and an increased knowledge of how youth systems work. Their first match ever played was on the 26/3/2009 and was a 9-0 loss to essej347. Only one player from that 1st team still plays today, Masatomo Makino. Campbelltown were part of a 6-team league simply going about their business with no real direction other than to produce better youths. Campbelltown would stay in the same league until late 2009 when they moved to a similarly unexciting league.

The GMC Youth System

Shortly after joining the GMC, the manager quickly enorlled the team in the GMC youth system (in their 2nd season at the time). Finally a real reason to pay attention to the youth team. Actual competiton. Their first game in the GMC was in the GMC Extra League - B. With 7 other teams in the league, it stretched from 5-2-2010 to 14-5-2010. With 14 league games being played, Campbelltown cam a respectable 3rd and had by far the best defence in the league only conceeding 14 goals in 14 games. By this time, the youth team had become quite well stocked in talent. The highlight of the season was a 9-0 win and the biggest loss was only 2-0. Masatomo Makino was also promoted midway through this season. Campbelltown were introduced into the proper league cycle in Season 4 of the GMC cycle. Placed in the 4th division (GMC 4C), Campbelltown quickly showed their class winning the 4 team league comfortably with a 5-1-0 record. Conceeding only 4 goals and scoring 14 in 6 games. Cletus Forrest was the stand out find of the season, a formidable inner midfielder who recieved a 9-star rating in a match. The following season saw a reshuffle of the GMC system, meaning even though the Cobras were champions of 4C, were still left in division 4 to fight it out in the newly formed IV.3. Once again their class shone through, winning the league with a 4-1-1 record and kept an amazing 4 clean sheets in 6 games. This was due to players such as Ansy James, Pi Timou and Fergus Warrior.

Season 6 was the year of records as Cobras rewrote the record books by completing not only an undefeated season for the 2nd time, but a perfect season of 6-0-0. Conceeding 2 goals and scoring 20 in III.3. Quite simply unimaginable. It is quite understandable that most of the players involved in this season still apply their trade today. The following season, after several key players were promoted to the senior team, the Cobras failed to survive in II.2. After starting the season with a draw and a win the Campbelltown crew were quietly confident of having another great season. However a loss and draw back-to-back in rounds 3 and 4 saw Campbelltown start to struggle. Maschio f.c. were the obviously class act (as they were 3-time Youth Premier League Champions) and dominated the league 5-1-0. The Cobras only needed a draw in their final game against The mini metros to avoid relegation, however despite dominating in almost every aspect of the field a corner in the 85th minute spelt their downfall as the lost 2-1. The start of the next season didn't fill anyone with confidence, losing 2-0 to claret kids and starting the season in last place of III.1. However they were able to turn the season around quite amazingly, going the rest of the season undefeated and conceeing only 1 more goal. The final game was a replay between Campbelltown and the Claret Kids with Campbelltown on 12 points and the Kids on 13 and in 1st. The Cobras grabbed an early lead and took a 2-1 advantage into half time. The 2nd half was full of drama as Franklin Phillips was sent off in the 74th minute for his 2nd bad foul of the day. Campbelltown managed to hold their advantage to the end and added another youth title to their trophy case.

Back in II.1 and ready to improve on last time with a team now full of stars. A 0-0 draw despite having several clear cut chances didn't bode well in the managers mind for the season to come. A 3-1 victory and 2-2 with Dodgeball Academy proved be greatly important to the season as Campbelltown went on to finish one point ahead of them with a 4-2-0 record. After 6 seasons of being in the GMC Campbelltown had finally made it to the Premier League. Kicking the season off with 3 great wins the tides of change threatened to wreak havoc on their title aspirations. After winning a tight game away to Welling Wings, a 3-3 draw in the home leg was the end for Bradtke, Roalfe and Bedenham who hung up their boots after playing their last youth game. Coincidently the 3 boys are all turning 19 together on the 12/2/2011. 3 of the best players to ever come through the academy had reached the age limit for youths and had to leave. The Cobras went on to lose their final 2 games 3-1. They amazingly held top spot by goal difference however to claim the Premier League crown in Season 10.

# GMC Premier League - Team W D L GD Pts
1 Campbelltown Cobras 3 1 2 +3 10
2 Baby Sitter 3 1 2 +1 10
3 Mini Scorpions 3 1 2 0 10
4 Welling Wings 0 3 3 -4 3

Season 11 and Campbelltown ended with the same record that had won them the title the previous year, 3-1-2. However this was only good enough for 2nd place. The manager said he didn't fell good about speaking of the current crop of players like this, but "it looks as if the talent pool hads dried up somewhat since the days of Krilich and Bradtke." Now in season 12 the Cobras are struggling. Losing their 1st game and barely winning their 2nd, it seems the years of going undefeated are long gone. A loss in the third game meant even surviving would now be an uphill struggle with 2 of their last 3 games to be played away. It seems as if all their luck has run out. The youth talent pool is running a little dry. Campbelltown were officially relegated on the 9/5/2011 as, even though they won, other results didn't go their way. However a saving grace kept them in the Premier League. Despite finishing 3rd with only 2 wins, due to popular demand the Youth System was changed to a 6-team league rather than 4 meaning the Cobras can stay in the top flight.

The New GMC Youth System

As of Season 13, the GMC youth system changed to a 6-team format rather than 4. Campbelltown didn't start out too well, with only 1 point from their 1st 3 games. However they were unlucky to lose the 2 games, (2-1 and 1-0) as both were extremely tight affairs that could have gone either way. After only 4 points from their first 7 games, Campbelltown won 2 games back to back to jump to 10 points and relative safety in the league after looking almost a certainty to relegate. With only 1 game to play, Campbelltown sit 4th on GD and realistically only need 1 point from their final game to stay in the Premier League for the 5th season in a row. Despite losing their final game 3-0, other results going the Cobras way meant their 5th season in the Premier League was secure.

# GMC Premier League - Team W D L GD Pts
1 Cheeky Tadpoles FC 7 0 3 +9 21
2 Mini Hadley 5 4 1 +8 19
3 Team On The Green Juniors 5 1 4 +4 16
4 Campbelltown Cobras 3 1 6 -6 10
5 JHT Juniors 3 1 6 -8 10
6 Claret Kids FC 2 3 5 -7 9

The new youth league started off much like the last one ended, with a 4-2 loss. However a surprise win in the 2nd round has given a little hope to the Cobras who believe they are in with a sneaky shot at the title should other results go their way. Another win in the 3rd round and Campbelltown were just about nudging the top of the table for the first time since they had won it 5 seasons ago. However and loss and a draw saw them lose touch with league leaders and drop to 4th in the table. Another in and draw meant that the title was all but out of reach however security in the Premier League was almost assured. Another loss and draw saw Campbelltown needing a win to ensure they survive or for other results to go their way as they try to hold onto a 2 point lead above the relegation zone. A 4-1 loss in the final match made the managers heart skip several beats, however when news came across that FIYCA had also lost, the coach could rest easy knowing the Cobras were safe for the 6th year in a row.

The start of season 15 was very much like how 14 ended, with only 1 point from their 1st 3 games the Cobras are now on a terrible run of 3 points from their last 7 games and also look as though they are out of the cup competition bar a miracle. The Cobras continued to fade and eventually, with 1 round still to play their fate was sealed as they were relegated for the first time in 7 seasons. Dropping to II.1.

Maybe a blessing in disguise, the Cobras have played much better in II.1. After a few disappointing draws against easy opposition the Cobras found some form and went on a winning streak even beating the team in 1st along the way. Now sitting 2 points behind the leader with 1 round to go, who knows if the Cobras can get the results they need to go their way in order to go back to the GMC top flight. The Campbelltown Cobras added another prized trophy to the shelf, winning the II.1 series on the final day of the season. The Cobras boys were overcome with joy and some were even seen shedding tears as news came in from the other game, that their title rivals in Hartlepool Sports, had lost 3-2, giving the Cobras a 1 point win in the league after their own 3-0 win. Now after only 1 season in II, Campbelltown return to their rightful place back in teh GMC Premier League.

The GMC Youth Cup

Campbelltown Offically joined the GMC youth cup and played their first ever game on the 19/5/2011 against Fantasy Island Youth Corrections Authority. The game ended in a 2-2 after the Cobras miraculously came from 2 goals down to equalise in teh 85th minute. With 2 promising new youngsters discovered, it may just be the start of a new age of champions. Their second game was more promising as Campbelltown found their stride putting 4 past their opponenets in a 4-1 win. "Watch out for this Maynard Piper...he will be big one day" - G.M. Campbelltown Cobras managed to let a 3 goal lead slip late to lose 4-3 in their 4th cup match. But managed to hold top spot by GD. A tight 1-0 win showed the quality of the new youths coming through as the Cobras are starting to average the mythical 7 stars again which won them the youth title in season 10. Cobras have all but secured top spot in the group stage of the cup now with 1 game to play.

# GMC Youth Cup III - Group A1 - Team W D L GD Pts
1 Campbelltown Cobras 4 1 1 +6 10
2 Mini Metros 2 1 3 0 7
3 Viladores B 2 1 3 -2 7
4 Fantasy Island YCA 2 1 3 -4 7

The Cobras played very well in the 2nd round, with a top 2 spot almost assured after 2 games, however it was then discovered only the group leader goes through meaning the Cpbras need a big win and the other result to go their way if they are any hope of making it to the quarter finals. Sadly the Cobras lost the final game but even a bigger blow was that had they managed to win they would have made it through to the next round as the team topping the table also tumbled to a 3-0 loss. The Cobras staff and team are kicking themselves at missing out on that one.

Past Players

Position Currently In Player Promoted

W/IM Paperopoli FC Italy Masatomo Makino 3-7-2009
IM Rosemeadow Royals Oceania Daniel Krilich 1-4-2010
CD Amemepiacefreddo Italy Gustavo Faruk 12-5-2010
CD FC Barca Vamperk Czech Republic Andy James 17-7-2010
IM Casse a Terra Italy Colby Sugden 24-7-2010
WB ASD canale Italy Pi Timou 11-10-2010
IM PEREIRINHA UTD Portugal Cletus Forrest 18-10-2010
CD PSV Novafeltria Italy Fergus Warrior 14-12-2010
WB Retro Jeans Hungary Ty Vatuvei 21-12-2010
IM Band Of Brothers de Futebol... Brazil Elliot Roalfe 8-2-2011
IM O.R.I.O.N Costa Rica Franklin Phillips 27-3-2011
CD Rosemeadow Royals Oceania Rory Blanchett 18-4-2011
CD Andino Sport Club Argentina Bob Johnson 20-5-2011
IM brucioirons Italy Matt Doherty 17-6-2011

W Lyons France Nick Dunstan 25-7-2011
IM Rosemeadow Royals Oceania Archibald Stevens 5-9-2011
CD Puros Matorras Chile Daryl Fraser 14-10-2011


Barton White


Age: 67

Hired: At youth team creation

Famously Scouted: Rory Blanchett, Daniel Krilich, Andy James, Colby Sugden, Elliot Roalfe, Bob Johnson, Matt Doherty, Daryl Fraser.

Corey Gupta


Age: 58

Hired: At Youth team creation

Famously Scouted: Cletus Forrest, Fergus Warrior, Gustavo Faruk, Pi Timou, Ty Vatuvei, Franklin Phillips, Nick Dunstan.

Joseph Sidebottom


Age: 73

Hired: 16-3-2011

Famously Scouted: Archibald Stevens.